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Homework gone wrong???

Today, as I sit in the solitude of my own home, I am able to contemplate so many questions. There are the questions that we all ask ourselves frequently such as “How can Kohls get way with selling Daisy Fuentes products for such a cheap price, when the quality is so exceptional”, and “How do we truly know that the gopher truly saw its own shadow”. Then there are the questions that really don't require an answer, just a thought, such as “How does a man who drives a snow plow get to work”, and “Why are you so stupid”?. However, today I have a different question on my mind. Why would a school teacher assign a child to play a board game with his family as homework? At first glance, these seems like a wonderful idea. Sitting around, enjoying good family times together, by playing a nice friendly game, the way Milton Bradley had intended. But realistically, the people who have these experiences only have one child! I have 4 children, and they are very close in age. Here's how our show runs.. Initially, everyone gets along, we pick out game pieces, and get ourselves started, just happy being together. By the middle, arguments ensued out how much money someone owes them and who moved their piece. By the end, their money has been stolen, elbows are jabbing into each others ribs, name calling starts, which inevitably leads to a curse word followed by a mouth rinsing. The game is then cancelled, before anyone even got to purchase Boardwalk, and everyone gets sent to bed early. Then I naturally end up having an extra glass of wine that my teeth and liver simply don't need! Is this truly what she had in mind for a “fun night”? I think it would make a much smoother night if the teachers would instead just assign a simple potato sack race, followed by a family friendly game of dodge ball…



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