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Can I push the cart???

Somehow I managed to only have two kids, instead of four today, so I took advantage and went to the grocery store. Like all children, mine started arguing over who would push the cart when we got there. This is funny since I never let any of them push the cart, except for the one time I let them push it to prove to them why they wouldn't be pushing the cart. They argued all the way into the store, while Chloe, my six year old, was limping on both feet, because the shoes I just bought her two days ago, were already rubbing the back of her heels raw.

Truthfully, I was sick of the arguing, after two full weeks of spring break. So I said to Caleb, who is 9, ” I'm not only going to let you push the cart, I'm going to let you push the one with the seat attached”. Then quickly, before Chloe started her ranting, I assured her by saying.. “He can push you until we can find band aids for your heels, then you can switch (because im certainly not taking the shoes back!!) They couldn't believe it! Without arguing, the immediately took to their places. But, how quickly their faces fell, when I too, got in the passenger seat. Now people were staring, and Caleb, with his bright red cheeks, was whispering pleads for me to get out. But I'd HAD it!! So I loudly said, “No you're right, I always get to push the cart, its your turn, and I am honestly tired today. So I'll tell you if I see something we need and then you stop”. Chloe giggled at first, as Caleb tried to push that limousine cart, knowing I wasn't going to give in.

It wasn't long, however, before she was yelling at me because I was squishing her. They then started yelling in unison “Get off Mama”! I was highly amused, thinking of all the mothers in the world who have had to push these ungodly carts, awkward and heavy, even before you add the groceries and children. After knocking a few things off some shelves, and almost hitting a lady in a wheelchair, we decided this wasn't the cart for any of us, and we switched to a regular one. Nobody argued for the rest of our trip. I wish I thought of this sooner……



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