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While away, kids will play!

As I sit here and stare up at the hole in my ceiling, where wood, plaster, and paint had once hidden my upstairs bathroom, I am reflecting on my fun “adult” weekend, that was cut off too soon. It's was so easy to look forward to a weekend without my 4 kids with no sponge bob reruns, no homework, no fighting, and no nagging to get things done. However, it was much harder to consider the consequences of this vacation. While our babysitters were wonderful, taking my 4 kids, and 2 of my brothers, and are actually pregnant with their first child (which now will probably be their last), they could never be able to fully comprehend what was about to happen to them. And truthfully, who would even tell them, until after the trip was over?

When parents are away, children make up their own set of rules. There are always things such as eating candy for breakfast and staying up late, but what about the rule of urinating in the toilet? Apparently, it went out the window. I spent a good 1/2 hour cleaning layers of urine out of the grout in my floor tile and around the base of the toilet. Besides the fact that there were 4 boys, 10 and under, in my home at once, who probably all had to use the bathroom, at the exact same time as the other boys, everyday, I don't know what happened. Is it possible, that they were so disoriented by not being told what to do that they just lost direction of their aim?

How about the idea that they should watch the full series of the Austin Powers movies? They got caught, prior to doing this, but not before watching about the male reproductive organ enhancer. Naturally, I waited all day for a call from the principal and could only hope that they at least used it correctly in a sentence and with proper punctuation!

But the most interesting thing that happened, was when my youngest daughter decided to clog the shower drain with toilet paper, so that her barbies could have a swimming pool. It was a genius idea, and while we do have an actual bath tub for this, she instead used the half bath with just a shower. Apparently, when they were done swimming, she unloaded this massive amount of toilet paper into to toilet, where it then managed to clog the drain entirely, and was considered “on the fritz”. After trying the generic plunger without success, we tried our second best plunger with failed results, and then went to the hardware store where we bought our now third best plunger, which didn't work, then called a plumber.

Overnight this water slowly ran into the floorboards and into my dining room, where I am now enjoying a turkey sandwich. This morning, in a mere 15 minutes, and $185 later, the plumber dislodged mounds of toilet paper,and probably a ken doll in speedos,with what looked like a similar version of one of our three plungers. If I had known this was going to occur, would I have taken the trip? Yes, but I would have bought less wine:)…..



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