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Too close for comfort!!!

I've always thought of myself as a person with a moderate amount of etiquette. I always give pedestrians the right away, always pay a quarter for a refill at McDonald's, and never spit my fingernails, after chewing them anxiously, even if one gets lodged in my throat. Most importantly, I would never EVER pull a lint brush out of my purse, in public, for the fear of pulling out dirt, small peices of hair, Reece's pieces, my library card, and/or a loose tampon, that I still consider to be in mint condition. Unfortunately, I learned that one the hard way!!

Because of my excellent manners, its fairly obvious to see why I get easily agitated by people showing less than perfect behavior, in public. Today I had a short lunch break, with a friend at work, and we were hoping to have a quiet moment to ourselves, to catch up on recent gossip. But, have you ever noticed that when you want to be in an area by yourself, other people are drawn to the same area? This could be the case at the gym, when another athlete parks themselves on the treadmill next to yours, even though there is a line of 40 empty ones available. Or it could be the case like today, when the cafeteria was completely empty, yet two gentlemen placed themselves at the table behind ours. It would have really been tolerable, if they had just sat themselves, on the same side of the table, ogling our breasts and pretty smiles, but they weren't! We were simply trying to share a few stories, of both laughter and tears, while trying to swallow down bites of our sandwiches and healthy baked chips, that seem to be the only kind available these days!! But EVERY time I got to the climax of a story, one of the men's phones would play a sentence of a lovely Christian song, that apparently he wasn't answering today. The volume of his phone was at least on 10, and even though it sang these lyrics every 1 to 2.5 minutes, for about 30 minutes, he never once made a move to answer or silence it, the entire time. To make matters worse, they seemed to both be talking to themselves, over the volume of the phone, with one man reciting the poetic lines of, what seemed like, “who's on first and what's on second”, while the other one was hopefully finding a new ring tone for his phone! I still can not figure out why we just kept sitting there, worried that they may think we are rude if we move! SERIOUSLY!

Isn't it interesting that if you have a medium amount, or more, of etiquette, you worry about what rude people think of you? I guess it's just my kind and loving nature:). But on a more serious note, my etiquette worries are so petty and stupid, in comparison to so many others. Here I am complaining about annoying atmospheres while dining, but two days ago, I over-heard one of the worst etiquette stories ever. While shopping at an antique store for a leisure suit from the 70's, a very intoxicated couple entered. While they were searching for vintage jewelry, they were telling the owner that, while they were sleeping, sometime this past week, someone poured gasoline on them and tried to set them on fire!! Luckily they were spry enough to jump to their defenses and stop drop and roll. They didn't know who did it, but expressed, in a slurred manner, that they didn't appreciate it. And you know what, neither do I! If only the House of Representatives would get it together and start making it mandatory for our kids to take etiquette and manners classes in school, instead of focusing on that dumb old math……….



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