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International Nurses Day

This week is National Nurses Week. It runs from May 6th-May 12th. May 6th is actually National Nurses day and May 12th, which is Florence Nightingales birthday, is when International Nurses day is celebrated.

Being a nurse myself, I appreciate being appreciated, by people who appreciate me. Who doesn't? I just wonder when we started celebrating holidays in the time frame of a week, a month even, instead of a day.

Most people don't know this, but in addition to the week we are celebrating right now, nurses get celebrated on NUMEROUS dates, in several DIFFERENT months of the year, allowing people to get a chance to celebrate us all year round!!!!!

Consider this information. March 19th is Certified Nurses Day and is followed by GI Nurses Day on March 27th. In addition to this, the whole month of March is dedicated to celebrating Oncology Nurses, plus the Pediatric Oncology nurses get celebrated an extra day on September 8th. January 25th is IV Nurses Day and September 15th is Neonatal Nurses Day( yeah! This is me!). Orthopedic nurses get recognized on October 30th, while Radiology And Images nurses are celebrated on April 12th. Don't forget the Emergency room nurses, who get an entire week of celebrating, starting October 10th.

This is just a handful of NURSING holidays I know about, and I don't want to bore you with the rest:).

I know many nurses would argue that we deserve ALL this recognition, because we work hard, and get so little:(……. But really, when is it OVERKILL??

Don't get me wrong, I will accept any gifts, during any of these celebrations, holidays, and/or categories that any, one person, thinks I fit in to. I love T-shirts, gift cards, coffee mugs, and free ice cream. Especially if it tells me how great I am. If someone threw a party to celebrate my many talents and achievements as a nurse?….. Sure, I'd go. If I was offered a variety of discounts to all sorts of different business??? Yep, I'd use every one. And of course, if someone hung a piñata, and asked me to hit it first, since I was the only nurse in the room, when it was Nurses Week, or day or month?……..I'd absolutely hit it with pride, and accept all their candy too!!! I just don't know if its really NECCESARY.

I work with a lot of AMAZING nurses. I love my job and feel very fortunate to have this great team of nurses to work with, on a daily basis. I say Happy Nurses Day to all of you, on whichever day you so choose to celebrate in on:). I really do think we deserve recognition, but sometimes wonder if anyone is looking in the right place for it.

I love getting gifts, and love to be treated nicely, but many of the people recognizing us have never even seen what we really do! I think the career path I chose rewards me enough, sometimes when I'm not even looking. There are not many professions that allow you to get the recognition that ours does. A thank you, a hug, a pat, a squeeze sent from a family or patient that tells you, verbally or non verbally, that they appreciate what you've done to help their loved ones. Maybe they remember you, maybe they won't, but in that moment you get the recognition. YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

I don't mean to take away from the fact that our jobs can be stressful, because they can be. We get beat down by people who don't know us, berated by others who don't understand, and often times don't get recognized in the times we feel we deserve it. But isn't it wonderful when we hear the beautiful voices of a thankful family, patient, or even co-worker that randomly shows their appreciation, not when we wanted it, but when we NEEDED it?!…

So, while I'm still excepting NURSES ROCK pins, flowers, free days of parking in the garage, posters, and Starbucks cards, all I really need is a quick thank you or a smile, as you pass by, when you feel you've been treated as you should.

Holidays have really overrun this country. There is a holiday for everything, and I TRULy believe its better to have SOMETHING to celebrate than nothing, but on each day of Nurses week, take a look at who you will be sharing our special day with.

Starting Monday the 6th- we shared it with tourists, for National Tourist Day……

Today- teachers……….. 8th- receptionists……..9th- people who lost their socks….

10th-military spouses……11th-migrating birds…

And the 12th, we share with people who will be celebrating their fatigue syndrome…OH and our moms!

Tell me… What happens if someone we love is one of these people I mentioned above? Who should get more recognition?

So, now I've decided I'm only going to celebrate Nurses Day on the 12th, when I can celebrate with the whole international world, and Florence Nightingales family. I will, however, still eat the free ice cream at work tomorrow, in celebration of the nurses who choose to celebrate on that day. I truly wish no hurt feelings on those who need to celebrate themselves on all of these days. But please consider this….even JESUS only gets two holidays, and he has to share them with the Easter bunny and Santa……




9 thoughts on “International Nurses Day

  1. Kristen Luttenberger says:

    Hello, I was wondering if I may utilize the picture of the cartoon nurse for my CCRN/PCCN certification website that I am building. I would be willing to advertise your web address on the picture. Thank you for consideration.

  2. Then you probably know where the phrase, “Good Night, Nurse!” came from? Sorry I missed your day (week). I could suggest a humorous greeting card to Hallmark so hundreds of people will remember next year. How about “On Nurses Day, show your favorite nurse how much you appreciate her..” Then on the inside, I could give them a couple of choices…”Give her a sponge bath.” or “presented her with a bronzed bedpan.” What do you think?

  3. Frankly, nursing is often a under appreciated role and any additional attention that can be given to the profession in well appreciated in my book. Nurses do an excellent job of taking care of others but far too often don’t take very good care of themselves. This means in addition to working ourselves to death we don’t often take time to pat ourselves on the back or pamper ourselves.
    Whenever someone wants to make an effort to show you their appreciation you should enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with savoring the gratitude. After all, nurses so often do so much for others and very little for themselves.
    If you are a nurse you should take the time to take pamper yourself. This article has some great tips to help you focus on you a little bit

    • I do agree we need a good pat on the pat every now and agin, I just don’t think it’s necessary to have a party every day. But I do understand that some people need to be recognized constantly. I work hard and know that nursing is hard sometimes, but I also don’t take it too personally. I love my job, I love the rewards it gives me, and at the end of a hard day, I vent it out:). Im sure most jobs comes with stressors of their own, not just nurses. But I do appreciate a kind word from a co worker or manager and enjoy a special treat when it’s nurse day….. That is enough for me! Thanks for your comments and for reading:)

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