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I love my Moms:)

I have been fortunate enough to have two loving mothers, for much of my life. I love them both, whole heartedly, and in entirely different ways. The only true reason I love them differently, is because these two women have almost exact opposite personalities.

First there is my biological mother, the one who carried me in her womb for nine months. She was a very young Mama, being only 17 when she had me, and I'm sure she endured many struggles. Not unlike myself, she looks at life in a comical way, and tries not to take things too seriously. She is admired by ALOT of people around her, but it could never measure up to how even ONE of her four children feel about her. She is AMAZING!

While my mom and I have shared many sentimental moments together, the ones that end with unknown adventure and laughter (which is almost every excursion), stick out most in my mind. Some of my favorite memories of my mother, when I was a child, were mortifying at the time, but hilarious now! Once, at the grocery store, she shut herself in the milk cooler when I wasn't looking. I was looking around everywhere for her, until she finally started pounding on the glass screaming “HELP ME”!, and then started laughing hysterically! I can't imagine the shade of red my face turned.

Another time, was when she was trying to pick up her, 2nd of 3 husbands, at the golf course. He was an avid golfer, very well known in the area. I guess she was trying to be nice, and get as close as she could, so he wouldn't have to walk as far. She somehow managed to get herself into the tiny golf cart area, and there wasn't enough room to turn around to get out. So she reversed and went forward at least 30 times, and had a whole enterage of people standing around pointing and laughing, while I was sliding down to the floorboard of the car. This may have been why they divorced:).

When I was in college, we went to the mall to buy my grandma a new fancy dress. While she was trying them on, my mom and aunt kept bringing her different sizes, and each time they walked through the doorframe, a buzzer went off. At this point, my aunt bet my mom that she couldn't go through the doorframe without setting it off. First, she tried speed, by starting to run from the back of the store, running into clothing racks the whole way, without success. After several attempts, including crawling on the floor like a snake to try and get under the radar, and right before the security came, she did succeed, making the whole bet worth the risk of getting thrown out of Elder Beerman.

As an adult, there are too many to name:). 1/2 off goodwill shopping days, wine tours, camping, etc.. And I will never forget that trip to New York where we landed ourselves in the news, became extras in a movie, talked up close with our favorite celebrity Al Roker, my moms head got hit with the Rockefeller Christmas tree, and we got chased down by security, when we unknowingly crossed through a security gate that was only intended for celebrities.

She never has a dull moment, her house is always full, her life is chaotic, but she always makes sure to make her rounds to everyone in her family. I love you dearly Mom.

Then there is my step-mom (only in technicality). She is very quiet, reserved, and introverted. Since I was 9 years old, she has treated me as her biological daughter, and always looked out for my best interests. She had to endure my teenage years, which were beyond what most would stick around for, and she often times went without things so that we wouldn't.

You hardly ever see her feathers ruffled, even if her feelings have been hurt, UNLESS someone says “But they're not your REAL kids”, and then she spits fire. Whether she carried me in her womb or not, is a moot point, because in my eyes, she has earned the title of Mother.

After becoming an adult, she and I found commonalities in wine drinking and running, which are two of my most favorite things. We have run several half marathons together, including one in Oregon, that followed with wine tasting!! I look forward to many more of these memories in the future.

A year ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has fought hard with chemo, radiation and a double mastectomy. Suddenly, I see this woman in a even more amazing light. While much of her life she has stayed hidden in the shadows of those around her, she has found the strength to rise above what life has dealt her, and has become my Hero:) I love you so much Patty:).

One thing both of these women share, is their love for me. Happy Mothers Day to you both, I'm the luckiest daughter in the whole world.

While writing this small tribute, it suddenly occurred to me that my own children are lucky enough to have 2 mothers that love them….except for their moms are a couple:). We always say that they will be open minded, require a lot of therapy, or most likely both:). I only hope that one day they will be able to look past the ridicule, and feel fortunate that they too, have two very opposite women that helped shape their lives.

Last night I asked my youngest daughter to please let me sleep in this morning as my Mothers Day present. Naturally, she said yes, but first thing this morning, she was whispering, “Mama….Mama…Do you want to open this present?:). Dragging up, and smiling, I said “after some coffee”. She poured me coffee, while my boys made me pancakes, and while my oldest daughter slept in. They all helped me clean, helped me in the yard, and helped me make dinner, while trying to keep their fighting to a minimum. I couldn't ask for a better Mothers Day. Honestly, this IS a holiday that SHOULD be celebrated for a whole week!!! Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there…………



One thought on “I love my Moms:)

  1. mom says:

    Thank you my sweet, funny daughter!! You ARE lucky to be loved so dearly by two mothers!! And between the two of us, you have become an amazing mother yourself. Watching you with those children makes me a proud mama. Renee also is amazing. I also toast her mother. I love you both.

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