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I have many times seen this quote, “Dance like no ones watching”, but I never have really understood where it fit into my life.

I love to dance, whether anyone is watching or not. I dance after I've had a few drinks, when I'm sober, around my kitchen, in the grocery store…. Really, anytime I hear music that makes my hips shake side to side, or around in circles, sometimes before my brain has even had time to register what I'm doing.

There's only one time I can recall being potentially embarrassed by dancing, and that was in the basement of my own home! I was doing a Chalene Johnson video. Turbo Jam, to be precise. It's a dance aerobics kind of exercise, which is fun, but not one you would select if you were doing it with a friend over. At two points in the video, she allows you to let loose and do some free dance, with some jamming out Tone Loc music in the background. This is right up my alley, so I started dancing. My hips were pumping, while jumping forwards and backwards to the beat. I was amusing myself, getting as close to the ground as possible, without touching, and then slowly coming up, without missing a beat. My arms were in motion, like a DJ spinning records, without a care in the world. Until…..

Why did she have to say “Don't be ashamed, there's no one watching”!? Because then I WAS ashamed, because I DEFINATELY have better moves than the ones I was doing! What if someone saw me through the tiny block windows in my basement, and then they told the rest of my neighbors, who would then look at me and snicker as I roll my trash can down the driveway. I didnt feel like I had practiced enough 80's rap dance moves to show the public yet!!!! I know I shouldn't have cared, especially since GOD gave me this natural, innate talent to dance to anything, but I guess, even I, sometimes get self conscious about things:).

The phrase “Sing like no ones watching”, would probably be a more life altering, inspirational quote for me to live by. Don't get me wrong, I love to sing as much as I love to dance, but I just seem to pay a little more attention to who's watching.

I'm sure everyone can relate to singing in the car. Sometimes, when I'm in the car alone, I can hit some high notes that I can't hit around other people. Sometimes, I feel like the world is missing out on my singing, because I inhibit my whole voice range in public, in fear of judgement. I may hear a good Celine Dion song, and start chanting the lyrics, in such sweet melody, holding notes longer than I can hold my breath under water, until I pull up to the stop light, next to another driver, and feel like I have to turn the music down quickly, and act like I'm yawning!

I start to ask myself if the world would laugh at me, if they heard my talent, or would they stop, roll their windows down, and ask me to finish the song acupello? I don't know, because I'm not brave enough to try it. But then, if they did enjoy it, they may want to hear my other singing voices, that I also practice in the car. I've always felt like I could be one of those singers who could project my voice to sound like ALL famous singers. I have found that I can not only sing the high notes of Celine Dion and Christina Agulierra, but can also hit the twangy notes of Reba Mcintyre and Randy Travis, in his exact baritone chords. Its an all encompassing musical talent I have, that most people never get to experience.

That being said, some people have to endure my musical talents on a daily basis. I have no problem belting out tunes at home, while cooking, cleaning, and on any 2nd attempt to wake my kids up for school in the morning. My children often times roll their eyes and giggle when I sing, especially when I hold nothing back. But the times when I'm singing in the car, and they are quiet, I often wonder if they aren't mesmerized by my voice, and wish to be more like me. So in these times I really try to keep my voice level, with minimal chin quiver, in hopes that one day I'll overhear one of them tell one of their friends, that their mom is a really good singer, when they think I'm not listening.

My two girls have started belting out tunes of their own in recent times. I often times hear them singing the lyrics to Katy Perry songs, over and over, upstairs in their rooms. Their singing does not match mine, so they obviously got their voices from their biological mothers. Since I can't help them genetically, I only hope environment can play a key role in the growth of their vocal cords, as they age:).

One day these two cherubs were up there singing, the same old songs, when I realized I'd never really listened to the lyrics they were singing. I listened outside their door, as they were holding notes, much like I do. Then the words “I want to see your PEACOCK..COCK…COCK, your PEACOCK” came lyrically through their doorframe.Hmmm…

I said “Girls, I don't think you should listen to that song anymore”. It was clearly a moot point since they already knew all the words, AND were picturing a pet peacock that Katy Perry's friend had. They naturally wanted to know why they couldn't listen to it, and I really had no good answer, unless I wanted to explain what Katy Perry really wanted to see. So they continue to sing…. Like no ones listening:). Believe me, I close the door so no one IS listening.:);):);)



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