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Winter Coats and Wet Suits!

Its 60 degrees right now in Indianapolis, with some pretty good winds too. Chloe decided she wanted to go to Rally's for her birthday dinner, against all the rest of our better judgements!!

There is no inside seating at Rally's, so we sat outside, in a small wind storm, and subarctic temps, eating our chicken sandwiches. The only amusing part is that I told all 4 of them that it was chilly outside, and as usual, no one listened. So Renee and I were wearing jeans and sweatshirts and they were wearing tank tops and shorts. I laughed at them for the whole ten minutes that they pretended to be warm, and then laughed at them more when they were searching frantically, all over the car, for a sweatshirt or blanket that may have been left behind. I've never seen any of them eat so fast and/or volunteer to help me warm up the car:).

When we got home, Renee, Hannah (my smart child), and I made ourselves a nice little fire to cuddle around for warmth. After this photo was taken, I put my winter coat on, Renee got herself an extra blanket, and Hannah asked for goggles to block the ashes and smoke from getting in her eyes, due to the GIANT wind storm. I will reiterate, that it is really chilly tonight.

My other three geniuses, decided to get in the swimming pool. Again, they weren't going to listen to me, so that's when I gave nature a chance to take over. They then remembered these wet suits that my dad bought for them at an auction, or garage sale, and decided that these would keep them warm.

I had to tell one child that he could not go comando under this outfit, and my other son went the opposite route, and decided to wear one of the girls full swimsuits, thinking it would keep more of his body warm under the suit? I laughed so hard when they came out in these, because they looked so foolish! Harley's was so tight he couldn't bend any extremities, and Caleb's was too long, so he had a “longer” appendage, hanging between his legs. When I went to touch the hangedy thing, he jumped back about 10 feet, not knowing what I was doing, and making me laugh harder.

They've been in that pool for about an hour now, shivering and with blue lips. They are intent on proving me wrong, by enduring these freezing temperatures. And later, I'm sure I'll be the who's going to suffer through the long course of their antibiotics and pneumonia.

But whatever makes them happy …… Right?????



3 thoughts on “Winter Coats and Wet Suits!

    • No. Healthy as can be:). I guess we all probably endured cold water to swim in as kids, because we had to wait soooo long over the winter to get in! Thanks for checking it out.

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