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The BREAKFAST dilemma……

As I came down the stairs this morning, I smelled jalapeño cheesy bratwursts, and saw the left over package on the table! My first instinct was to shout, because I hadn't even had a sip of coffee! “No one is eating bratwursts for breakfast”!

My son comes stomping out of his room, with the sausage in hand, and throws them back in the refrigerator, like a football! Now, I'm not a big morning person. I have never been one of those moms who gets up and makes breakfast for my kids, while reading the newspaper, and saying “Good morning sweetie”! They have always made their own breakfast, but I do pay attention, so that they arent selecting pizza, chips, hotdogs, or cookies for the most important meal of the day. They know what's appropriate..

This being said, this morning, on the last week of school, one of my children lost sight of what we eat for breakfast. After I angered him about the bratwursts, I went to sit down with my coffee. Not long after, yelling and bickering started occuring in the kitchen. Again, I drug myself up to find that, the same son I had just berated for the bratwurts, had fixed a bowl of cereal, but decided against milk this morning, and filled his bowl with french vanilla creamer instead…. This way he wont have to add sugar?? I said “NOOOOO Way!…. You are absolutely not eating that”, as I dumped $2.50 down the drain!

More stomping happened, along with the “why nots”, and “Im gonna kill you Harleys”. Seriously, I needed more coffee to deal with this tantrum…….

I sat down again, with my friend, coffee, and two minutes later was up again, because of more screeching, in the kitchen! WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! This time, the same child had decided to make eggs, but refused to make or give any to his younger sister, because he was going to be eating at least 4, and she could “make her own”.

I asked him if it would be fair if I made myself a pancake breakfast, but refused to make any for him, because he was capable of making his own. Then told him it simply didnt make since that we would get 4 different pans out to make the same thing. He clearly was not interpreting what I was saying, in the manner I meant it, because after shooting daggers at me, from his eyes, he yells loudly…”PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I AM ALLOWED TO EAT IN THIS HOUSE”!!!!!!!!……

So….He continued to cook his own self a dozen eggs, while I had to cook 2 eggs for Chloe. I was going against my morning rules, of NOT cooking before coffee, and he was looking at me COMPLETELY SATISFIED, because in the midst of his utter misunderstandings of my communication skills, I had given in, and he won!

Where did I go wrong??!!…….:)



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