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That’s NOT what I said…but OK!

Road trips in our family can be quite enlightening at times…..

CALEB: Last time we took this same road trip, Mama was driving on her cruise control. Then there was this crazy driver that kept passing us, then slowing down….passing us, and slowing down again. Mama finally sped up to pass him for good! I think he was Irish, because he didnt know how to drive.

ME: What made you think he was Irish?

CALEB: Well, he had a big poof of hair in the front of his head, and he had a really long beard. PLUS, he was wearing a shirt that had a school of fish swimming across the front!

I had never heard an Irish person described in this manner. It's amazing to hear children's thought processes, and wonder where they came from.

Now, I have heard of women being bad drivers…. I know for certain that teenagers have been said to be bad drivers….And I think we can all agree that most blind people are bad drivers, but I've never heard of a stereotypical bad Irish driver!!

Not long after this conversation, we all got to witness American drivers, driving erratically! One car drove into another cars lane, causing a near crash to more than just their vehicles. I'm pretty sure both of the drivers urinated on themselves because I came pretty close myself!!! But after they calmed down, or cleaned themselves up, it was clear the fight was on!

The car, that caused the near deaths of innocent people, started by speeding up to the “other car”, rolling down his window, and making crude hand gestures, for all to see, as though he were entitled to drive people off the road!!

Next, the “other car” retaliated, by speeding back up to the opposing car, and proceeded to throw all of the trash in their car, out the window, towards that car, and caused the rest of the traffic to slow down, and start worrying!….. But that wasn't enough… The initial car came back a final time, to throw all the trash, ashes, and cigarette butts, out his window and on to the “other car”, while swerving in and out of traffic, and with a small child in the back seat!! CLASSY!

My kids watched the whole thing transpire, in disbelief! We told them no matter how mad they are, that they should never act like this, because it COULD have hurt ALOT of people, and most importantly, they looked foolish. In addition to this, I was hoping that they had also learned a good lesson, regarding drivers in general. There are clearly bad drivers in all cultures, not JUST Ireland.

After a small amount of silence, which I figured they needed, to really take in all they had just been taught, my daughter chimed in from the back seat. She said “Last week, we were driving in the car with the babysitter, and her windows are so cool, you've got to see it Mama! To roll the windows down you have to hold on to this lever and turn it, over and over, until the window goes all the way down”………???!!!

Well, she obviously took more away from the situation, than I had taught them….. So I'll choose to be grateful for that…..:)



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