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Well, the dryers on the fritz, AGAIN! I started noting signs about 2 weeks ago, when the clothes were not drying, until after 4-5, 70 minute drying sessions.

I think it really became clear, or I first started to accept it, after going to work last week. I kept smelling this horrible smell. At first I thought it was me, but I quickly talked myself out of that, because my body generally emits a floral aroma, not a mixture of dirty feet and A with a double S!

So it had to be a coworker, or family member, that I was working with that day. I used any excuse to get near these people, so I could smell them, and figure out the culprit. I wasn't going to rest until I found the source!

It was driving me CRAZY!

Finally, I couldn't stand the smell of moist, mildewed basement for one more second!! I had to seriously start considering if this odor was coming from me. I feel like I had to smell every inch of my shirt, before I could finally decide….it was me!!

After I had accepted this fact, I drove my coworkers more crazy, by asking them constantly if my shirt smelled musty. They all replied the same..”I don't smell it… Not really…you're being funny…..Nooooo”………They were all LIERS! I knew it and they did! I know they were just trying to be nice, but really, they were only hurting their own selves, because lying is against the Ten Commandments!

I had to continue to rub baby oil, baby formula, and bathroom sanitizing spray, on myself to get through the rest of the day, and I don't know what my peers did….I was literally gagging in my own fumes! I think I can honestly say that if I was standing next to an administrator of the hospital, they wouldn't have noticed whether my socks were black or white.

ANYWAY… This isn't the first time the dryer has been on the fritz. The last time, one of the kids broke off the tiny lever, that the door hits, when it closes. Unless this lever is pushed down, the dryer won't start. Just as we were about to purchase a new dryer, the kids and I figured out that we could use a paper clip, penny, a pen cap, or a tiny Lego to push what was left of the lever in, through the tiny gap…..YEAH, it lasted another year.

This time, the heating element went out! I wish we could afford a new clothes line, but unfortunately, we're saving up for a new dryer… So, for now, we are using our patio chairs, playhouse, fireplace, grill, and fencing, to hang our clothes on, to dry. It looks really classy from the road, and the children haven't noticed yet, that their underwear are drying, in clear view of their peers, who drive by our house, on the bus.

Lucky for me, the musty smells have only been getting on clothes made of cotton, polyester, satin, silk, linen, spandex, and gore-tex…. So… If I stay away from these fabrics, I think I'm good to go:)…..



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