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Making the Best of it!:)

If you read my previous post, “IM GOOD TO GO”, you may appreciate my updated status, regarding the dryer on the fritz……….. Oh, it's still on the FRITZ!

I didn't get a chance to talk to Renee about the dryer last night, and she would CLEARLY be the one to fix this device, because frankly, repairing dryer elements, is not my forte.

After taking the kids to school, I sat on my back patio, to drink a mug of coffee. It was beautiful out, and I was just enjoying looking at all the flowers in my yard, and thinking about how I really should mow today. Then out of the corner of my eyes, I saw something flowing in the breeze.

Once my eyes focused, I could see that there were multiple things blowing in the breeze, but one thing in particular caught my attention…… Is that?… That couldn't be…could it?…..Surely that's not my underwear, that are in less than mint condition, blowing at street level, for all to see……… And they were hanging on what?… A real clothes line?…. And held up with real clothes pins??!!!!!!

Naturally I wanted scream……. In sheer JOY. I was so Happy! No more soot on my jean shorts, and no more dirt and hair on my spring vests, from when they fell on the ground, when a good breeze blew them off my fence posts.

I don't know when Renee had time, or money, to set this clothes line up! She must have found alot of loose change in the couch cusions, or exchanged what was left of our mexican pecos for american money. I dont know how, but hip hip hooray, we have a REAL CLOTHES LINE!

Now….I'm certain she hasn't looked in one place for the broken part of the dryer, but she found a quick fix, and I'm willing to bet she would have done anything to make me happy, or SHUT UP:). Sometimes I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world, and then other times I wonder, and often say, “Now what were you thinking exactly”?

She ran the clothes line across the pool area, for a reason I'm unsure of. We DO have a large back yard, with trees to run the lines from!!?? I'm sure she has an explanation, as to why she chose to hang a double line, that is at about the level of the kids throats, and in an area that they have been playing in, on a nightly basis.

But……Since I can sometimes be mean and bossy, I decided I was going to try and relate to, or figure out, her thought process. Maybe the breeze is better on the water front?….. Maybe she didnt want the aroma of dog feces, from the yard, to get in the wet fabrics?…. Maybe she thought it looked attractive from the road?….. Maybe she just wanted to gloat subtly to the neighbors, and show off her “new” clothes line, and old unders?….

Its neither here nor there, I guess! I have a feeling that even when she gives me her rational, I won't find the justification, but I'm going to try hard to keep my mouth shut!!…I guess when I invite people over for pool day, we will just try and chat around the jean shorts, jock straps, and children's stained underwear. I'm really going to try and remain positive about it, because I do, in fact, have a new clothes line.

So…. Until our dryer gets fixed, which will probably be in the fall, we will just make the best of what we have. Really, we already have…..:)



7 thoughts on “Making the Best of it!:)

    • There isn’t a better ice breaker for sure!! If you look closely, you’ll see the Barbie doll top that I also found in the laundry….. That will provide enough conversation for the whole day, if you’ve had enough beers;)

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