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OK…. I’m REALLY going now!…..

I'm just getting packed to go on a few days stent to Texas, to visit my Mom, Patty, during her last few radiation treatments, which will be her most difficult. My kids have known about my pending departure for awhile now.

For some reason, I like to CONSTANTLY remind them that I'll be gone for a few days. I guess I'm just hoping that just one of them, will say something sentimental like “Im going to miss you so much”, or “It just won't be the same”, or “I hope your plane doesn't go down”! But….I never get any if these responses.

Anytime Renee leaves, even for one night, they worry themselves sick, wanting to call her at all hours, and worrying that she's not safe. My oldest daughter gets up early every morning, setting her own alarm clock, just to tell Renee goodbye, then goes back to sleep. If we eat dinner before she gets home, they all pray for her at dinner, hoping that she makes it home safely from work. Then of course, when she gets home, they all run to her, like its a reunification ceremony, and like they haven't seen her in weeks. They don't EVER react to my comings and goings like this!!!!

When I get home, they don't even turn their heads toward me. When I give them guilt trips about not wanting to wake themselves up, to tell me goodbye, they say “Why don't you wake me up tomorrow, and then I'll tell you goodbye”!!?? They never call me, when I'm gone for a night, and if Renee makes them, they're always quick to get off!

Well, this time, when my hints weren't leading to my desired responses, I directly asked them if they were going to miss me, and if they were going to need me to come home early. The boys responded in giggles and said “I think we will be alright, and we will miss you a little”. Then Caleb said “We still have Hannah to boss us around”… I asked Chloe what she would miss the most, and she said “I will miss you telling jokes, and your bossiness”. Caleb then said “yeah! What she said”.

I then told them, that I couldn't believe that's the only qualities they could come up with. The only things they would be missing! “Can't you think of anything else”?……Silence……. “Like your lovingness”?, Caleb said, while Harley giggled. I told him he was on the right track:). Harley then chimed in saying, “I'll miss your beautiful eyes and bright smile”, with more giggling. Giggles or not, I'm taking them as compliments, because there has to be a small part of truth, underneath all their sarcasm…..Surely!!??

My oldest daughter is the sweetest of all of them. She would never say anything, to hurt anyone's feelings, so I thought I'd get at least a good response from her……

I asked if she was going to be alright without me here, for the next few days. She replied “Well, you know how it's sometimes good for everybody to get a break from each other”? I said “no, how is that”? She started to panic and said she didn't know how to get her words out right. I said “mmm hmmm”. She then says “Its just that we can all yell at each other, to get things done, and it will be like you're here”.

I'm not sure that this was exactly a compliment, and that was my last chance for an ego boost…

Unfortunately, us moms or dads that stay home most of the time, trying to motivate our children to get things done, and having to do much of the disciplining, when they don't, fail to get good recognition. They look forward to our departures, hoping their lives will be at ease, for once. Its always fun to see them at the end of my trips though, because they all like to tell me how the house was falling down around them. This is the point that they “subconsciously” notice that they don't know what to do without constant directions from their bossy old mom.

I know they love me, and like to think they miss me, even when they say they don't. I always like to think of it like this….. They only worry about Renee so much, because she's older and more fragile. She could break so easily. Me…..I am young, strong, bossy, and MEAN:)…… They don't need to worry about me, cause I'll be around forever. This probably isn't true, but it makes me feel better.

So…..while they are home this week, enjoying their freedom from me….

The jokes on them, because I will secretly be enjoying my freedom from them….

Aaahahahahahaha. Aahahahahaha:)!……..



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