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A Poem to Remember…

A poem to my youngest son, for his birthday……


I can't believe that you're turning ten.

You're the one who's caused me to drink the most Gin.

When you moved to our home, you were scared and angry.

But you'd had a rough life, people had treated you strangely.


Mostly you just wanted a good loving family,

Who wouldn't change your name to Richard or Stanley.

You needed many lessons, we had to watch you like a hawk.

You kept us busy, almost around the clock.


Remember when you got in trouble for kicking the back of my seat?

And instead of doing a time out, you made me chase you down the street?

That was sure fun, amongst many other things.

Like when you pooped in the pool, between two floating rings!


You kicked, punched, slapped, and tried to gouge the eyes out of your brother.

And you had no problem reminding me, that I was not your mother.

But then you grew bigger, and excepted your fate.

You started calling me “mom”, at any rate.

You've had a lot to work on, and you've come so far already!

I'm proud of your hard work, it's been real slow and steady.


You always stick up for your brothers and sisters.

Only YOU can make fun of them, or leave them with blisters.

You're so surprising, when no one is looking.

And you've become the best in the family, when it comes to cooking.

You make us coffee, and breakfast in bed.

And keep saying “MAMA”, even when I'm pretending I'm dead.


Though you make me so mad, and are always in trouble….

And when it comes to you, I would NEVER want “double”….

I'll love you forever, you're my sweet baby boy.

And when I get older, that's when I'll really enjoy……

Having you change my diapers, and feed me my meals,

rub my feet, fetch my wine, so you know how it feels.

Because I will pay you back for being a scoot!

And I will MAKE you do it, if you want any of my loot!


But know this… I am always proud that you are my son.

And I hope today, your life is nothing but fun.

You were just a little guy of five, when you joined this clan.

And when I blink once more, youre going to grow into a man:(.






4 thoughts on “A Poem to Remember…

  1. Great synopsis of you life and journey together thus far. I hope you all have a lovely day. It sounds like he has settled in very nicely!

      • It sounds like it. My second oldest sister was very very hard work. A total rebel, but my dad had such a soft spot for her. She is a magic person today, and funnily enough is very conservative!!

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