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An Adventure in Disguise!

This was the first official day, that I have had the kids all day, since school finished, for the school year. Naturally, I woke up with a migraine, that still hasn't been cured, despite my overdosing of ibuprofen and Tylenol.

I tried to close my eyes on the couch, but was interrupted twice, by two different children, at two different times, because my most annoying child, had called one of them a “fag” ( a word that has been increasingly used in this house, despite our obvious attempts to make them “open minded”), and then, later, attempted to choke the other. Then, I'm sure just to get me back, after lecturing him, he proceeded to go down in the basement, and bang on the drum set, that I so geniously bought him, for his birthday!!

In between those two interruptions, my phone rang 4 times, and I got multiple texts. This is more telephone communication than I usually get in a week!!! I finally gave up on the nap, and at least loaded the dishwasher, and took a shower…. That was the end of my participation in household chores for today.

They made lunch for me, and then each other, while playing waitresses and waiters, at the new TIKI BAR they designed. It was nice, not to have to make anything, even though the charged me two dollars, but it was NOT nice to hear them screaming. “I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER”, and “WHERE'S MY FOOD”, and “SIR, YOUR DOG IS BOTHERING ME”, in reference to our family dog, and directly into my brain, which was harboring a pounding headache. I also did not like that they had taken multiple types of beer out of the refrigerator, to line the window of their new business. Something didnt seem right about it, plus it was ruining the beers!

I knew I wasn't getting a nap. I then came to the the understanding that I was going to have to live with the headache, and just vomit between their arguments, and I was starting to feel guilty about not entertaining them at all today. It has been cloudy, and sprinkling off and on all day, so they couldn't even really get in the pool.

So, I asked if they wanted to go on a small bike ride, “the long way”, to the Walgreens, so we could buy a few things for our up coming trip, and so they could irritate the staff, while looking through, and messing up the toy aisle. They all said YES, in unison!

After making them help me get my bike out, since they had thrown it to the side, resulting in my spokes getting caught on a different bikes pedal, and in addition to knocking my good grocery basket off the front….. We were off, and my headache was growing.

They were excited to park their bikes at the bike rack, because we had never done that before. However, it wasn't a bike rack, but a cart rack, and they basically tore their bikes apart, to get them in the slots. Once inside, Caleb had birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, and bought the store out of cheap, useless yo yos.

Naturally, as we were going to leave, it started pouring down rain, and they all thought they were dying. “Let's just wait the storm out mama”……. “What are we gonna do”….. “We aren't taking the long way”!…. “Can I borrow your shirt, I'm cold”!…. SERIOUSLY! What is the matter with these children! There was NO storm, it was just raining, and it was 75 degrees!

I told them that we were going to ride home in the rain, and that I was certain no one would catch a case of frost bite, and that I was NOT carrying all the stuff that they had overloaded in my bike basket.

Of course, we got soaked….. And within a minute, they were giggling and hollering, the rest of the way home. A true adventure in disguise.

Now that I've done one motherly thing, I'm going to take two more tylenols, lay on the couch, and try to conger up enough energy to cook dinner, or at least to deal with the next impending fight!:). Happy summer break:).



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