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The Highs and MOSTLY Lows of Flying with Children…

Any person who feels that it is an inconvenience to be separated from your children, on an airplane, is NUTS!!)

Ten days ago, our family of 6….. 2 adults and 4 children, took off on our fun filled family vacation to Mexico. Everyone was naturally very excited, and while they have all flown before, this would be the first time they have ever left the country….. They were going to get to actually use those passports, that we so miserably stood in line for so many months ago.

2 large checked bags later…..barely making the 50 lb limit….but at least gone from our hands, we were left with one back pack per person, and 3 carry on suitcases. The backpacks were all packed to capacity, to ensure everyone was entertained for the whole flight.

After corralling all of them to the security counter, we learn that they each have to carry their OWN passport, and their OWN ticket!!??. This essentially means we handed them each about $400 to hold on to while they entered through security alone…… My boys cant even keep from losing an empty wallet, that they insist they keep in their back pocket, that has NO MONEY IN IT!!…..

So……As one of us is trying to assure that each child is getting through without issue, the other is pleading with one child to take off his belt and shoes for the security check, while he is arguing that his pants will fall off and his feet will get dirty.. While still debating with this child about the mandatory security safety precautions, that have been put in place by our country, to make certain we travel securely, more of our children have made it through the passport area, and now to ME…..Now I was NOT ONLY arguing with one child, but now was pulling on my youngest childs arm, while she was rolling the carry on luggage in circles and bumping other people, nearly missing another passengers ankles.

After finally making it through security, and luckily without anyone seeing my sons privates, without his belt on, the worst was over… So we thought…..

We realized after checking in at the gate, that they were going to be unable to seat any of us together!! What??.. But we have small children!!! Luckily…. so we thought…two seats were in the same row, allowing one adult to sit with the youngest child. The flight attendant said the flight was full, so we would have to wait until everyone got on, to even see if it was possible to trade seats.

While loading the plane, we told them just to get in their assigned seats, and we would figure it out in a minute. Suddenly, it was mass confusion!! No one had their ticket, no one wanted to go to the back row, my youngest daughter was screaming that she wanted the window seat, even though we didnt have one, no one could lift the carry on luggage, they didnt know which row to put the carry on luggage, my daughter is still refusing to get out of the window seat, the people behind us were starting to sigh and shift feet, and my blood pressure and temperature were VERY ELEVATED!

We were finally able to be seated, at least in close proximity. As I tried to nap, I kept hearing “Mama..look at that cloud…the side of the plane…that bird…what did that guy say?….Where are the bathrooms….I gotta go bad….. Are we about to land”???

Renee was dealing with Chloe pulling the window shade up and down, then the tray, up and down, and the countless amount of times she was messing with the seat in front of her. Their boredom, was making us CRAZY! Why is it, that they are playing those stupid electronic devices ALL of the time, when you don't want them to, but when they have three solid hours to do nothing but play…… They don't want to play?? I was seriously considering why we tried so hard to sit next to them.

As we loaded up to fly back home today, I was hoping and praying that I would be unfortunate enough to have a seat away from the children. It wouldn't be our fault would it? When other people would look back and glare at us for our children's behavior, or their 12 trip to the bathroom, we could just shrug and say “Sorry Ma'am, I would help you out, but the seat belt sign is illuminated. I'm not allowed to get up, and they refused to put our seats with our children's seats, so the problem is really yours.. Take it up with your local airline”!!!;)

So next time, when our seats are apart from each other, I am just going with the motto…. If its meant to be, it's meant to be:):):)



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