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Laughter, Joy, Aches, and Pains….. All in a Family Vacation

Clear beaches, white sands, people treating you like royalty, the sounds of the ocean waves crashing, never ending sun, Europeans in speedos, zip lines, party boats, snorkeling, cocktails, lounging, Walmart excursions on the city bus, followed by carrying all the groceries back on the city bus, sea turtles……

Oh and let's not forget the “other” noises that we heard, just as our eyes would start to close, and remind us that we weren't alone on this trip:). There were the endearing sounds, such as the splashing and giggling of the children. Then the wonderful words spoken so loudly, and clearly, just in case another child cant hear them with their eyes closed….Marco… Polo. But then there's the words that get belted out more frequently, such as “I hate you” and “He's trying to drown me”.

Well, the Mexican vacation was FABULOUS!

While I really enjoyed vacationing with my little cherubs, and we always have great stories, it became clear to me that there are many unforseen, sporadic, and often unbelievable events that happen, when they come along, that I can NEVER EVER prepare for.

This trip, I was determined to exercise. I brought four workout outfits, and planned to run at least every other day on the beach. I have said that on many other trips in the past, and I never ran once……. This trip was no different.. No run on the beach!!:(

The difference between my previous trips and this one???……. I exercised MORE than my planned runs, and more than my body was ready for. I did spend a considerable amount of time SORE on this trip, however I'm not upset about it at all.

First, my son talked me into playing tennis. We had reservations at 9 am. It was around 90 degrees, and the humidity was 100%. Neither one of us could play tennis, so we spent most of the 36 minutes chasing the balls onto the other court, and the rest of the time we took water breaks. We then followed it by laying in front of the air conditioner, for about an hour, to prevent our oncoming heat stroke. However, it was sooooo much fun, that the whole family rescheduled another day of tennis at the same time, on a different day.

This day, we played three on three, and still spent much of the time chasing after balls, because everyone sucks at tennis. But this time we got to hear them bickering about who gets to serve, and who is a worse player, and who wants to change teams, all while still suffering from the same nauseating heat stroke.. Fun times:)

Our next activity was boogey boarding. I love this!! However, the last time I did it, I needed physical therapy on my shoulder for a month or two…. REALLY! ….But it didnt stop me this time. On 3 different days, we rode the waves. After the first day, I couldn't move my upper body for two days, except to nurse an occasional piña colada, for self medication, of course. The second and third times happened to be two days in a row however, and by the second night I couldn't pull my head off the pillow, due to one or two…or seven..nerves being either pinched, or severed off, in my sternocleidomastoid region.

Still, I wasn't done. On the last day, I had had enough celebratory cocktails to make me agree to play “kick the ball back and forth on the beach” with my son. We must have played for what seemed like two hours. Kicking, running, head butting the ball, catching the ball in the air after tossing it up with both feet. I seriously felt like David Beckham on the last game before his retirement. I can't imagine what a show I put on for lucky onlookers. Sure… I couldn't breath, muscles were aching and pulling, and my bunion was taking a giant hit when running barefoot in the sand, but I felt great!… Until the plane ride home, and that night, and the next day at work, and now. But I wouldn't take it back because…

Without them there, I would never have exercised this much.. I would have been more likely to lay on the beach the entire day with cocktails, relaxing, without a care in the world, with a minimal chance of a run on the beach, and absolutely no chance of playing tennis in excess heat, or head butting a volleyball, that we pretended was a soccer ball.. So I thank my precious children for giving me motivation.

But on the other hand…..

I do not thank them for the large abrasion on my knee, caused by one of them thinking it would be hilarious to catch a wave on his boogey board, directly in front of my knee, and then continuing to ride it in, while I screamed “Ow, ow, ow”, keeping a smile on his face, the entire time. I do not thank them for most likely making the wave larger, so that it would push me directly into the parked jet ski, that had its motor sticking out, and then caused a large laceration and massive bruise, on the back of my right calf. I do not thank them for the large bruise, on the inside of one of my fingers, even though I'm not certain how it happened. I do not thank them for making a nightly ritual of pointing out the strange single man next door, who was staring at them every night, and only when we weren't out there….even going so far to say that he was literally standing behind his balcony wall, and then would allow one eye to peer around the corner at them again, and then they would say “He's looking at us again”!!!…


I do not thank them for making me listen to them laugh in unison, at our fancy dinner, while retelling the hilarious story about when one of my GENIOUS sons decided to pull down his pants and POOP in the ocean, that very morning. I was sitting in my fancy dress, looking so pretty with my bronze glow, my napkin settled in my lap, my glass of wine glistening in the moonlight…..

Naturally, I cleared my throat, told them that this was not appropriate dinner conversation, and not even something to joke about, because our family doesn't poop in the ocean, even if our whole backsides are under the waves. Next…. The guilty party giggled and said “But it floated mama”!

There are no words to follow this up except…..AIN'T THAT SOMETHIN''!!!!???



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