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MADONNA: When I Used to be Her Biggest Fan…

On the way to work the other day, I heard the song “Take a Bow” by Madonna. It brought back so many memories of my youth, and I hadn't forgotten a single word of the lyrics. I sang loud, but soft, like she did in this song.

I was a die hard fan of Madonna. Now, looking back, I may have idolized her too much. My friends and I would choreograph dances to some of her songs like “True Blue” and “La Isla Bonita”. I had every cassette tape, and wanted to look just like her. As I got a little older, I read her biography. Then I wanted to become catholic, go to the same college she went to, and move to Michigan. Wouldn't it have been cool if I could move into the house she lived in, before she was famous??:)

In high school, I was no less obsessed. I really wished I could raise enough money to get me one of those cone shaped bras. My parents wouldn't let me view her sex book that came out, but luckily a friend of mine had it, so I didn't miss a minute of what she was doing.

One year, In high school, my dad and patty took me to California, to visit Pattys mom. We crossed the border into Tijuana to shop, and see the culture. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these huge, black velvet paintings of Madonna, with a really nice wood frame. I wanted them so bad, but they were $25 a piece. I couldn't believe it when my dad said he would not only buy them for me, but would ship them to our home! I was the luckiest girl in the world.

These photos also took the trip to my college dorm with me. Then, a couple of years into college, my friends and I took a trip to Arizona, where one of their aunts lived. While there, we traveled to L.A, and took a bus tour of the stars homes. I bought a Madonna T-shirt to wear, plus some post cards for her to sign, just in case! We stopped in front of her home in Malibu, at the time. I was in awe and I couldn't take my eyes off of that mansion. I seriously remember wondering if she would ask me in for tea, if I rang the doorbell…. As if I would get to the doorbell!!?? This trip only made me want to meet her more!

Even after I graduated from nursing school, and had a “real live” job, my admiration never ceased. I now had all of her CDs, and I knew them all by heart. I could never afford to see her in concert. Plus I remember reading once that she vowed to never return to Indiana, after filming A League of Their Own”, because she hated our hillbilly state. But after graduating, I moved to Arizona! I could have had a real chance! I used to dream and plan with a friend of mine, who was also a psychotic fan. We always said we would be willing to spend our entire checks on one Madonna ticket, just to get to see her in good seats. If I remember right, we said we would each spend $800 a ticket! Man…. We loved her!

It's funny, because now I could take her or leave her. I don't know when this happened. Probably when I finally became an adult, in my late 20's?? I gave my black velvet pictures to my younger sister years ago, who didnt realize their value, and now they're gone:)!.. I no longer have the t-shirt, I have none of her CDS, and I find it ridiculous to spend more than $50 for concert tickets, even in the front row:). Still…every once in a while, I love basking in the nostalgia of what used to be, I love belting out her tunes as loudly as I can, and mainly I love to reflect on what a true idiot I made of myself, back in the old days:):):)



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