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My family creates ALOT of drama. We end up on many adventures, we are very animated, we make fun each other frequently, and we have ALOT of fun.

One of my sons has picked up on this from the beginning, and finds himself in bizarre situations frequently…. Many people would wonder why these situations would be allowed to occur. Maybe they would think that if we had ANY sort of good mothering skills, or if there was a father figure in their lives, that this kind of nonsense wouldn't happen. Maybe so, and maybe I should intervene, but honestly I find him amusing. He gets it honestly, and I can't really say that I wouldn't have my attention drawn to the exact same things:).

Anyway, on our Mexican vacation, we would turn around many times to see where he was, and find that he was always standing somewhere grinning, posing, and ready for you to take his picture. In this first photo, we were at the mall, close to downtown Mexico. We were all trying to get our picture taken in front of the beautiful fountain they had on display. When we went to gather him, he was instead posing for this picture:).

I found it clever, even if some would find it degrading to women, and even if the lady was too old for him;). I giggled and took his photo. Later, he wanted me to zoom in on the photo, so you couldn't see the menu attached to her side, and so it looked like it was a “real picture”!

On the beach, he made us take multiple pictures of him. He refers to himself as a sun god, and reminded all of us, all week, that he is the only one who doesn't burn, due to his buff and bronzed body type! These are my favorite animated pics of him by the water. I'm not sure what the facial expression is about.. A seal mixed with a tiger??

Then he wanted a picture with the largest scuba goggles in the world, while holding the smallest shell in the world:)

My favorite place that we found him though, happened to be at Senor Frogs. We decided to take the kids there, so they could see how fun it was. They got balloon hats, played musical chairs on stage, and listened to a live band, while dining on cheeseburgers and fries. In hind sight, this place really isn't that appropriate for this age of children… The signs in the place were too provocative, plus…there was a man sitting at our table drawing an inappropriate caricature of me.

One of my sons was looking at me in horror while the man drew on, and while I was smiling beautifully, so the photo would be good. Come to find out, the man drew me in a bathing suit, that was clearly see through, because he drew my areoles and nipples through the top. I looked down to remind myself of what I was wearing… Thankfully, not what he drew.

Anyway, after they ate, they moved a little closer to watch the band, and I stayed back to finish my beverage. Renee followed them with the camera. Next thing that happened… The staff were all on stage with their half shirts and jean shorts, that barely covered their lady parts. They began doing a dance on the stage and on the bar top, that they had obviously learned together. My son loves to dance. I looked over at him once to see him waving his hands and moving his feet, trying to quickly learn the dance moves. My attention then turned back to the stage.

A short while later, I hear laughter and clapping. A man was yelling Spanish words into his microphone, and then people would holler more. My eyes followed where they were looking….

There was my son, on top of the bar, with two half naked ladies. He had learned the entire dance, and they had asked him to dance with them. I should have been horrified! Many mothers probably would have dragged their child off stage, and probably would have known where their child was in the first place, while visiting another country. But me….. I laughed so hard, and then, of course, cheered. I would have gotten on that stage too. How could I get mad????

My kids drive me crazy and cause unneeded stress in my life, much of the time, but these are the moments that make me relax, laugh, run to them and embrace them, remember to not take life so seriously, and make me know for sure that I love them dearly!!!




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