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Celebrating the Holiday….On A Different Day

Unfortunately, we are going to miss the celebration of the annual holiday….. 4th of July! Renee and I both work 12 hours on the holiday, and then we are off… Off on another fun filled family trip of camping. We will be driving all night.

Usually we celebrate the holiday with our friends next door. We do what they do, they do what we do. I admit I was slightly ashamed to tell them we would be bailing out this year. Also, I was feeling really sad that we wouldn't be doing fireworks at all this year. We wouldn't be doing them in our driveway, and we wouldn't be watching the big downtown display, that is played to patriotic music.

After sulking for a minute or two, I decided that this is ridiculous! People celebrate holidays on the wrong day all the time, especially if all of their family can't get together. So I decided on Tuesday the second….in the morning… That we were going to have a small impromptu “Fake 4th of July party”, right here at our home!

I quickly sent invites to my closest friends, although only a few would attend. Then, I sent Renee a text at work, to remind her of the party we were having, that she never knew we were having. She is such a sport, and was VERY excited. She even wanted to know what to bring:). Don't worry, I gave her a list!

I took the kids to a fire hazzard of a shack, to load up on buy 1 get 5 free fireworks. I almost got everything they wanted, just so they would behave long enough for me to fill up my growlers of beer at the local brewery… YES, I wanted fancy beer a the party. I also bought soda, snacks, wine, water for rich people, and one small patriotic ribbon to put on my mailbox, so my three guests would know which house to come to:). We were so excited!

We did a quick “once over” on the house, to make sure there were no dishes in the sink, or urine on the toilet seat. I cut up veggies and tortillas, busted out my festive dishwear for the fruit and dips, and even vinegered up my glasses so they didnt have all those dishwater smudges all over. You could actually see through the glasses!!!:). I shouted to the kids a million times ” Happy fake Fourth of July guys”. They would try to deflate me by reminding me it was only the 2nd, but IT DIDNT WORK! Ha!

When my guests finally arrived, they were clearly amazed by my hostessing skills. We all got drinks, while the kids ran to the pool. We caught up, starting right where we left off last time, and in the pouring down rain around us. I put up the umbrella over the table, but they were complaining about rain running down their backs, and into their underpants…blah blah blah.

I wasn't ready to give up, and this was a great party in my opinion. So I handed out umbrellas, so they could hold their personal umbrellas under the table umbrella, and we were good to go. I carried on the conversation until…. The lighting and thunder came.

I then set up the garage with camping chairs and good music, so that we could carry on our party in there. The thing is, our garage makes us look like we are hoarders. You can't park in there. There is about twelve bikes, vacuums, old fans, old dog crates, fish tanks, rugs, Christmas wreaths, boxes, trash, and a croquette set….just for starters. It was a disgrace! However, I'd had enough cocktails during our celebration, that I thought it was a perfect party destination. So, I brought them in.

First we amused ourselves by watching the children run into the storm with umbrellas, trying to win the game, by being the person who stayed in the lighting storm the longest. I wondered what you won, if you were the winner…… A trip to the ER?

Anyway, just as I had predicted, the storm blew over. As usual, the snakes, smoke bombs, and sparklers were a great hit (the 3 s's). Renee agreed to try her hardest to light our fireworks to the background music, which consisted to ALOT of Lionel Richie and Barry Mannilow songs, and she did great. I spent $24.99 on the grand finale, and it was absolutely breathtaking. The only downfall was that all of the fireworks were less than 6 foot high, except for THAT one! It went high and directly into our tree……All 26 shots! Thank god for the downpour right?

This celebration was a hit…. Maybe my best fake 4th of July ever. I feel so grateful to have friends and family that entertain my ridiculous ides. I had so much fun, especially since I didn't light one firework. I oohed and ahhed the whole time. For those who participated in my adventure I say thank you and I love you dearly. For those who couldn't make it… I'm sorry you missed it, but I love you too…. And for those who wish they could have been there, I can see why you would:)…… Happy Fourth of July:).



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