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On the Road Again

After working 12 hours, Renee and I set off on our 61/2 drive to Michigan, to meet up with the rest of our family, who had been slumbering for hours, prior to our arrival at 3:30 am.

We were both feeling tired prior to our departure, but Renee agreed to drive the first half. She set up a movie for the girls to watch in the back, turned the radio off, and remained quiet so that I could get a good nap in… She's such a good traveling companion:). However, I couldn't sleep in the vehicle. So after whining about it for about an hour, I finally said I would drive, so she could nap.

I don't mind driving on road trips. I actually can drive for long periods, and in the middle of the night, when no one wants to. The thing is though, is that I'm an old lady driver. I drive ten and two the whole way, and seem to be one of the only people, in addition to the elderly population, that actually ADDS time to the GPS calculations, getting us to our destination later than planned! I thought I was doing pretty well this trip, driving a least 3MPH over the speed limit…. Until… I kept seeing large bloody stains on the highway, and deer frolicking in my periphery…. And I slowed back down.

In addition to my annoying driving…..speeding, slowing, speeding, and slowing again…. I also cannot drive without music. I always “really do” want Renee to get a nap, but something in me, subconsciously prevents that from happening. I usually start with the music low, and keep my singing to a whisper, but before I know it, the music has been turned up, and I'm belting out the lyrics of love ballads, changing octaves with the artists voices. Renee shifts in in seat, and I ask her a million times if the music is too loud. I also yell at the girls several times to turn the movie off, and turn the overhead light on, to find my much needed equipment , to set myself up for a smooth driving experience. I have to believe that Renee slept well, due to my accommodations.

The day before we left, I dropped my boys off at my moms, so they could ride with her. It's the only thing that made our trip a little less miserable, and their trip more miserable. She called me when they got there, and as we were just starting in that direction. I had a good hearty laugh as she told me of her traveling experience, with my two male cherubs. One of my sons had forgotten his whole overnight bag… No toothbrush…no clean clothes…no clean underwear…. But most of all, no 4th of July shirt!!! That's all he had talked about the night before….. He had packed his patriotic shirt while so many had forgotten theirs. Obviously, the joke was on him! My mom said he was tore up about it the ENTIRE trip!

My other son sat in the backseat of the truck and let silent but deadly farts the whole way. My mom said they would gag, dry heave, and roll the windows down, in desperate attempts to gain fresh air! The best part was that once he had expelled all the foul gas, all that was left was the “real deal”! She said he panicked as he said “I got to go to the bathroom grandma”. They couldn't stop fast enough, and he didnt make it!!!! Haha! She felt bad for him, as she wadded up his soiled clothes and placed them in the back of their vehicle. I say, that's what he gets! “Stop clearing out the car with your flatus” is what I would have said! Luckily, he brought his overnight bag!!!:)

This morning, after sleeping three hours, we got up to start our real camping exursion. This was our last night of sleeping in luxury, before getting mauled by a bear. We drug ourselves up, tired and cranky, while the rest of the crew was well rested and perky. Next stop…. Mackinac island!

No matter how tired I am today, I will be forever grateful that I was on my trip, and not my moms;)

Status so far….. Not eaten by a bear.



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