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Is the Mystery Spot Really a Mystery?

LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY! We got so Lucky:).

We randomly found a campsite, just by chance, on our first night. No need for machetes or shovels for digging poop holes. While it wasn't an electric site, and there was no running water or bathrooms, those amenities were close enough to us that we could nonchalantly make our way to other people's sites, and steal them….. After all, we had a 100 foot extension cord…..and legs!

Also, our tent was placed right next to the swamp, where mosquitoes and ticks lurked. Bears became less of a worry, and ticks became more concerning, after the man at the front desk told us how bad the ticks were in this campground. He went further to say that every time he went in to the woods and came back out, that he was COVERED, with these black creatures…ALL OVER HIS BODY!!. Couldn't he have said just a few????

Every tickle or itch led us to believe we had a tick on us, and our showers became very intrusive, as we had people checking areas on our bodies, that should never be revealed. My step father believed he got one between his derrière cheeks, and didnt get many volunteers to confirm his beliefs. No one has brought it up since. I sure hope he doesn't get Lyme disease, if the tick happened to be left behind. Come to find out, there are actually limitations in this family:)!

We had a descent nights sleep, with the sound of bull frogs, the highway, and bears growling in the distance behind us….and with the assistance of wine, beer, benadryl, and throid medication.

When we woke, we all gathered some coffee, and sleepily made our way to the campfire circle. As we were still stretching, and trying to wake ourselves, I loudly hear my mother, who was sitting next me, yell as loudly as she could into her phone “FIND MYSTERY SPOT”! We all wondered in unison….. What exactly was she looking up??

We laughed, as she said told us to shut up! We giggled more, as we told her she should probably go out in the lake to find her MYSTERY SPOT, because it was the only place to get good reception. She said shut up again, and then told us, in a semi serious manner, that she really wanted us kids to see THE MYSTERY SPOT. We hoped she wasnt talking about her own, but truthfully, I don't think any of us would have missed it for the world! Plus today, in addition to seeing this mystery spot, she really wanted us all to eat pastie for lunch, which Michigan is famous for. None of us had eaten one before, so we were all game.

Eating pasties and visiting the Mystery spot may not seem very kid friendly, but it really was. If you don't already know, pasties are glorified pot pies. Also, the MYSTERY SPOT was a little museum of sorts, that somehow defies the laws of gravity. Since 1955, this place has apparently made millions of people wonder “How do they do that?”. Really, it was over priced, too short, and unrealistic. My mother is adamant that this could be a true portal into another world……and the rest of us believe it was witchcraft, black magic, or plain tomfoolery. Either way, I bought the shirt, to prove I had been there….and at half price!

Next on our agenda…… A sand castle competition with four teams! We've already scared our paying electric site neighbors, into judging the true winner. Shoot…… We may clear this camp site out yet!!!


P.S. I think we won:)



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