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HAIR: It really does grow everywhere. As I've gotten older, I find it growing in areas I don't care for, and too thick for my measly pair of cuticle scissors to cut through!!

When I was a preteen, I begged my mom for years, to let me shave my legs. I felt like I looked like a grizzly bear. She made me hold out until the 8th grade, which is incredibly too long in my personal opinion! Seriously, I was starting to go on movie dates in groups by then, and was probably wearing shorts in the summer! I was sure I'd never get my first kiss! I needed clean shaven legs!!!

Now, I wonder what made me have the desire to shave them so early on. My mom was right when she said “Once you start shaving them, you'll have to do it forever”. I now know that this is true regarding any area you shave, not just your legs:).

Recently, on our week long camp trip, the ladies and I were unable to keep up with all of the grooming of our hair growth. My mom didnt shave at all, and she would make comments about how her hair had turned back into down feather. We mentioned needs for razors, tweezers, scissors, and cosmeticians. We pointed our hairs on our toes, moles, chins, and bathing suit bottoms (just kidding). Each one of us was trying to make our own hair growth situation worse than the others.

I've talked about this before, but I don't understand why we try to encourage people to believe we are more grotesque than them. Why can't we just sit back and point and laugh at their grossness, instead of pointing out our own?

Anyway, as we were talking about needs for services, one of the ladies mentioned that she felt like she was growing a full mustache. She was clearly exaggerating, but I knew exactly what she meant. I get self conscious about the fine hair on my upper lip, just as most people do! So, I tried to relate to her pain, wishing I just had a tiny pair of scissors to “clean up shop”, if you will. But she responded the way every person responds when I mention my mustache! “Yes, but yours is blonde”!…..

Is a blonde mustache any more attractive on a lady, than a dark one??! Naturally, I was offended:). I started carrying on about how people could see the food stuck in my mustache, just the same as anyone else's, and added that when the sun hit me just right, it would glisten like gold in the sun!

Just in case you're worried that I have a long handlebar mustache….. You can relax, because I don't. The biggest piece of food that I have had in there, is probably a bread or cracker crumb, but I had to be more dramatic, so she would understand my seriousness!

This leads me back to my initial thought, wondering why we desire to rid of all this body hair, AND starting so young. I wondered what snotty girl first looked at her leg and armpit hair in disgust, leading all women of current times to have additional body image disturbances.

In the early times, men looked at their wives, or the ladies that they were courting, differently. Some ladies probably had partial beards and mustaches, some with thick leg and underarm hair, many probably had moles with a random looming hair, and lets not forget the random nose, ear, or bossum hair. The point is, the men looked at these ladies with stars in their eyes. I wonder what color of hair was more desired in that time…..

Realistically, there is probably a real reason why we were given hair in all the designed areas. For warmth, to prevent sweat from dripping, to shade us from the sun, to keep germs off of our epithelial areas???? I don't know for sure, but I do know that those times are gone.

I remember as a kid, playing games at the table with my grandparents. Sometimes I'd look over and my grandma would have this one thick hair, growing from the same spot, inside her nose, and on multiple different occasions. It wasn't there every time, so she clearly groomed it when she saw it. As an adult, I have a hair that grows in the exact same spot as grandmas. I always groom it when I see it, but it always seems to grow when Im not aware of it. Which leads me to my last two thoughts….

How many people have looked at my hair, the way I did my grandmas, AND more importantly… Is hair growth in specific areas hereditary?????!!!!




  1. I soooo understand your post lol. I have dark hair so you can imagine the upkeep lol. And yes I think they grow overnight. What was smooth when I went to bed is stubbly when I wake up. Sexy thought lol

  2. And to top it all off, I get a lot of ugly ingrown hairs…as if unwanted hair isn’t bad enough….:/

    Haha, I’ve often wondered why we feel tempted to regale people with stories of our own (exaggerated) grossness…My girlfriends and I have often indulged in discussions that begin and end with unsavoury hair, threading, shaving and the rest :/ 😀

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