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BEFORE I WAS FAMOUS…..At least in my neighborhood


YESTERDAY, I busted my guitar out, for the first time since winter.

Years ago, I mentioned, to my partner Renee, that I had always wanted to learn to play guitar. Keep in mind, that on many occasions I have said that I think it would be “cool” to try certain things? I often find myself mezmerized by other peoples talents. However, I never really have any intention of following up on these “big dreams”, because really, I have too much to do already AND if I'm going to attempt these things, I want to be actually good at them….. So, usually it's best to leave them in a dream state.

Renee has a tendency to believe that anything that comes out of my mouth, could lead to a good gift idea, in the future. So, after making the statement about how I wanted to rock out the guitar, on a VH1 video, she bought me an acoustic guitar, that very next Christmas. What my woman wants, my woman gets…Right:)! Honestly, I didn't know what to do with it, but I knew I had to do something as I looked over at her, and she was grinning with pride, after finding me the perfect gift!

I tried teaching myself, by watching the stupid video tutorials, taught by a man who's probably taught music class for a hundred years. All this did was make me mad, plus my fingers hurt!! Who was I kidding anyway? This man was way faster than me, and I couldn't even envision myself playing “When the saints go marching in”, as well as he could…. So, I quit!

A few months later, I picked the guitar up again, only to quit again. Why would she buy me this thing anyway?? She knew how obsessed I got, when learning new things. My frustrations just worsened, when I couldn't figure it out. It was as though she WANTED to punish herself!

Finally, one day, one of Renee's distant friends came over, and had the patience enough to show me some tricks, and taught me some chords. I still couldn't do it, and expletives were still flying out of my mouth on occasion, but I grasped the basic concept.

Months later, I grew tired of playing the same nursery rhymes, and knew I needed to start learning “grown up” songs, if I was ever going to get my music video on air!! So I took 1 month of lessons, and learned to play my first song…”The Gambler”, by Kenny Rogers.

Suddenly, I felt like a rock star! The list of songs I was learning was doubling, tripling even! I thought, at this pace, in a few years, I may be able to quit my job as a nurse, and start playing gigs at the local bars…then move my way up.

My dad only encouraged this behavior, by loaning me my great grandfathers electric guitar. It was easier to play, plus after I attached it to the “brand new to me” amplifier, that I bought at the pawn shop, I was REALLY playing….now even louder! I would hook it up in my garage and lift the doors, strumming the strings and singing in a metallic voice to “Beat it” by Michael Jackson, or “What's up”, by 4 Non Blondes. Really the selections were endless, and my neighbors had a real opportunity to see a free garage band concert, though none of them pulled up any chairs.

Sadly, I still quit and restart my guitar playing. My song set doubling came to a lull, and I still replay the same songs. After playing “Can I have this Dance”, by Anne Murray 1,000 times, I almost have it perfected, but I have come to the realization that I have stopped learning the guitar. Would the guitar ever teach me anything new again???….

I surprised myself again! After busting out the guitar this season, I came to the realization that this year… I did learn something new!! If I practice playing the guitar, standing with my back towards the sun, I can tan the back of my legs without laying on an uncomfortable raft, or rickety lawn chair!… I really do learn something new every day……:)




5 thoughts on “BEFORE I WAS FAMOUS…..At least in my neighborhood

  1. You and my husband would make quite a duo. He has been learning guitar for years! My youngest took it up a few months ago and she is so much better.

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