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Just a random thought…that needs a random answer!

After showering this evening, a thought crossed my mind, and it just won't leave the white matter in my brain! So, here goes…

I've been laying by the pool all week, due to our high temps, and my sheer laziness. Every day, I put sunscreen on, and usually I use 50+. I slather my kids in it, and make them reapply often, because even though it says its waterproof, it doesn't take long for them to wipe it all off, in the water.

Sometimes I don't get all the way in the water, and sometimes I don't get in at all. After showering tonight, I saw white sunscreen still lingering in all the cracks and crevices I had placed it. Actually, I've seen the remaining particles on me every night this week, after showering.

The question is, if the waterproof sunscreen IS truly waterproof, and you don't get in the pool long enough to wash it off, and you get in the shower to wash it off, but it doesn't wash off……are you even clean? The sunscreen is acting as a barrier, so all the dirt and germs are stuck under it. The only areas I can be sure are clean, are my lady parts and back side, where this poison wasn't placed. Was it even worth getting in the shower? If not, how much of my life has been wasted by taking full showers, in the last few days, when a simple pits and privates bath would have sufficed!

I'm not sure if there is a right or wrong answer to this deep question, but maybe someone out there specializes in this sort of thing……and I don't mean a psychiatrist:)! Thanks for your input ahead of time!!


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