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When You Point Your Finger at Someone Else……..?

I always believed that saying that some wise person told me…. “If you point your finger at somebody else, there are always 3 fingers pointing back at you.

At work recently, I have noticed myself either laughing to myself outwardly, at a colleagues foolishness, or I have, at the very least, rolled my eyes at them in silence. I work with a great bunch of people, don't get me wrong. But, as anyone knows, in a large group (close to 200) of coworkers, especially one made up of mostly women, you are bound to have personality clashes. You are also bound to have a handful of lazy, forgetful, irresponsible, and just plain irritating people to work with…… Luckily I RARELY get myself worked up about “these” people, and try to ignore them.

However, for some reason this summer, I have really been focusing on those who try to “pawn” their work off onto other people…. And frequently. I really have no qualm about helping, it's just the manner it is presented..

This is my favorite line..”Can you help me do this? I just never really learned how”! This always leads to someone else (me) doing the work, while they run off to break, never actually TRYING to learn the task……AHA!!

I usually become more amused than agitated, and try hard to include them in my “helping them” process…..Meaning I allow them to do the work, while I slowly talk them through the process. Is not that I am unable to do it, but why should I have to, when they clearly have time? Anyway, I damn near came close to getting my eyes stuck in ” that position”, with all the eye rolls that have been coming from my direction. Then, after I'm done eye rolling at work, I come home and retell the story to poor Renee, who listens avidly, and hardly says a word. I always take her response to mean “I understand dear, this is an outrage”!…….

BUT….IT DOESN'T. The thing is, I get so annoyed with people who fool me with this trickery, getting me to do their stuff by playing a fool. Somedays I JUST CAN'T STAND IT!…… “I just don't know how…..It's too heavy….My fingers are cramping….I don't have the upper body strength that you do…..Youre so much better than me at that….Can you do it….PLEEEEAAASSSE!

These are things that my co workers may have said, to get me to do something, I don't know for sure. But, I do know that this is exactly what I say to Renee, to get out of doing something! I AM PATHETIC! Way more pathetic than those coworkers of mine. Yet I've done it for years.

While I was pointing a finger at my coworker, 3 fingers were pointing back at me….threefold!

Here's another example of that same philosophy….

We all work with babies….sometimes very sick babies! Naturally, you can often times overhear another co worker, doctor, or anyone for that matter, oohing and ahhing over a baby, when they think no one is listening. This is our profession….it's not cool to talk to the babies like that….at least not in front of others!!!! One day I was in a very crotchety mood. I was chit chatting with a male coworker of mine, and we both stopped our conversation dead, when we overheard one of the male doctors trying to quietly talk to a baby. We could see him from where we were standing. His lips were pressed out, he was making lip smacking sounds, and saying such things as “Your juthed hungry huh! You juthed need thom food”…..? Do babies understand lisping better than regular talk? My buddy and I just giggled and said ” what a dork”! Seriously, he was a grown man!

It was that very same afternoon, that I was talking quietly, to the baby I was caring for. She was looking right at me, following my gaze. Her cuteness overtook me. I found myself saying such things as “Hi dare…Do you peel better…You're beary cute….Hi dare….Youre being a beary good girl today… You must feel bettew (pronouncing the r wrong).

I thought of how mean I was earlier….Man, I was more of an idiot than the doctor before me!!The truth is, we all talk to the babies like that, in our own manner, because babies are cute and need lots of attention. I can't figure out why we distort our speech so badly though…. We make them listen to Bach and all the baby Einstein crap, while they're in the womb, and when they come out we speak jibberish and use bad phonics.

Anyway, the doctor only lisped!…Again, I thought about how I had laughed so hard at that poor man, and was even pointing my finger.

I was the truest loser of all, because I didn't say my r's right, my v's, my f's, and my th's! I had no right to ridicule this man, and I'm sorry…. Because ….if I'd only paid attention when I was pointing at him, I would have clearly seen the 3 fingers pointing…RIGHT…BACK AT…ME.




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