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Is Everyone Highfalutin?…. Or Just Me?

HIGHFALUTIN: a word that means pompous or pretentious.

People in the world spend money on high dollar, useless things, all the time. Some people want fancy cars, others want giant houses, and somewhere in between are the people that just waste money on the “little stuff”……shoes, clothes, nic nacs to fill their houses with, haircuts, highlights, makeup, boobjobs, face lifts, tummy tucks…..

We all value things differently. So while we sit and laugh about what stupid things that a friend or family member is wasting money on, somewhere else there is a group of people making fun of what WE are wasting money on. We waste money on things that are of high importance to us, because frankly it is what makes us who we are…. It gives us a status in society. It makes us feel important. It makes us feel like somebody. So I believe that at certain points of each of our lives, we ALL feel like we are highfalutin!!

I started thinking about what I waste my money on, because I can certainly be highfalutin too! One thing that I waste money on is shoes. Not the fancy kind that make your feet hurt either, but tennis shoes. I am forever in search of a good running shoe, but rarely find one. So I spend hundreds of dollars on new ones, hoping its the right pair. When I find that they are not the right pair, they go in a stack in my closet, and are never to be worn again. Then I eventually give these brand new hundred dollar shoes away for free, because I'm sick of looking at them in my closet. Wasteful!

Coffee and wine….. Money is of no object sometimes when purchasing these items. To me, these two items can make you the belle of the ball, if you know what you're doing. If I find myself in a place that sells fresh coffee beans, I buy bags at a time. I don't really even know if they taste that differently, but it makes me feel important. I rarely even show off my fancy coffe beans, because no one comes over for coffee. Plus, the rest of the time, I am looking for deals on coffee grounds, and am content to drink the rot gut of coffees, when I run out of beans!

If I go to a winery for some tastings, I act as though I have all of the money in the world. I will buy 5-6 bottles, in hopes that these owners will recognize that I know my stuff!! If I go to more than one winery….. Same thing, all day long. I will spend hundreds of dollars on this wine. The thing is, I don't hold on to it until there is a fancy occasion, so that I can be highfalutin in front of my friends and family…No, I drink it just like the stuff I drink for $7.99, that I got on sale at the local drug store. When its gone, its gone. It's a serious waste of money….and my liver!

I waste money on so many things really… Fancy restaurants, clothes, house plants, vacations, movies, wife beaters and running shorts….the list goes on and on.

What I don't understand though, is how could a person of such highfalutin status, such as myself, be able to afford and display this high dollar hand soap in their boys bathroom…..

But, be willing to use this disgusting roll of toilet paper on their delicate parts, that I found displayed in the girls bathroom…just so we didnt find ourselves wasteful!!!……. I think my highfalutin status is gone……




2 thoughts on “Is Everyone Highfalutin?…. Or Just Me?

    • Real hand soap that cost me about $20, even though its probably watered down hand sanitizer inside!! It was worth the price, because I laugh every time I wash (or not wash) my hands:)

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