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I found this exact washcloth wadded on my shower floor, and right in the middle of my relaxing shower.

What is happening! This was more than a little smear, and I was immediately irritated. I never signed up for this…or wait…did I??

My youngest daughter has always had an issue following the rule that you “wipe until you only see white” on the toilet paper. Many times I have sadly witnessed her “accidentally” use one of our luffa balls to scrub her backside, only for it to come up less than clean!! She always looks at me with eyes that say “How did that happen”?, and the luffa goes directly in the trash. But what about the times that it went unwitnessed??? I shudder to think how often we have suds our arms and nethers, with the likes of her human waste!

Needless to say, when I found the washcloth, it was her name I screamed first!

Me: Did you do this?

Her: Eewwww!

Me: Did you?

Her: Nooo, that's nasty! (Interesting, what she thinks is nasty)

Me: Well then who did?

Her: Mama née just took a shower, it was probably her. She's the only one who uses washcloths!

She had a good point….but could Renee have really been the one to soil this up so badly? I was starting to get disturbed.. Shortly thereafter, my oldest daughter got sick of the two of us carrying on about the washcloth. She marched in the bathroom, rung out the rag, and took it to the dirty clothes! We both looked at each other in disgust! “Eewwww, you touched poop, gag, sputter, dry heave”! I asked her if it was hers and she rolled her eyes. Being more mature than both her sister and I, she said “No, but you two are being stupid…it's not even poop”!

Later, when Renee came up the stairs, my daughter immediately started lecturing her on her horrible hygiene blunder. “Mama née, you always yell at me for not wiping good, but this is nastier than even me”! I was giggling like a school child at Renee's facial expressions. At first she didnt know what we were talking about, but when she did, she responded much like my older daughter did!

She admitted that it was hers, but claimed it was stained, which only got my little princess and I giggling again…..”MMMM HMMMM”!……She claims the washcloth was brown, but bleached partially white!!!?????…. I don't agree with this.

I chose to believe that this grown woman hadn't soiled a cloth this badly, and would place it for all to see on the shower floor. I couldn't live with all my thought processes if the “soiled cloth issue” was true. However, I cannot agree that the washcloth was brown to begin with… Bleach doesnt stain in the above fashion…So…It had to have been white and stained brown….. I guess its neither here nor there in the scheme of things, so we will just have to agree to disagree…..



2 thoughts on ““WHO DID IT”?

  1. That was wonderful. I have to say, I am very impressed with you ability to just turn the other cheek with this whole thing and agree to disagree. I dont think i could ever let go of that until i knew for sure what the full story was. Thank you for sharing TIA

    • The thing is….. Sometimes I never get the full story!!! Even if I line them all up..but in this case, I’d rather not know:)

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