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Living A True Nightmare: Its Time For School Supplies!

It's back to school supply shopping time again!!! Whooo hooooo!

This is never an exciting day, at least where the adults are concerned! This year I took the task on alone! As usual, it caused ALOT of unneeded stress, and by the time I was headed home, my head was about to explode. I was waiting for one fight or negative comment, so I could pounce on them in the back seat, with the reflexes of a cougar!

It probably wouldn't be near as bad, but at the ages of 11, 10, 10, 7 they are old enough to BELIEVE that they are old enough to get their own supplies…and young enough…. THAT THEY CAN'T!!

We started off at the shoe carnival…. Buy one get one half off! I love this deal, especially since one of them is in adult shoes now. Here is how it went…. I started with one child, while the other 3 went to browse their own selections. This means they were running ragged in the store, shooting baskets, running on the fake track, and most likely spinning the money wheel without my knowledge! When it came to the next persons turn, which was the girls, one didnt have a clue what she wanted, and the other had shoes that were 5 sizes too small, plus she needed to pee!! After finally getting through this debacle, I moved on to the last one… The one in adult sizes.

He would tell me he didn't like any of the shoes we would pass by, and only liked one pair, plus he had to go to the bathroom bad!!!… Naturally, the only size of shoes that he liked in the entire store, were on the very top, and unreachable. I killed two birds with one stone. I sent him the way of the bathroom, while finding a clerk to get the shoes off the top. He should be happy right?? I did everything I could!!!!

Well……. He hated the shoes. I stared in disbelief, while I watched my youngest daughter run past me, clad in her new running shoes. I WAS OVER IT! I told him that we should just go…”Nooo, I have to have new shoes”! Finally, after making him get a pile of selections in his arms…the same shoes he HATED a minute ago…. He had made a decision!

Lets go…..

Next, we were on to Target, where I'd unload even more dollars! I warned them beforehand, that if one of them even started to get items, and place them in the cart without my knowledge, that they would NOT be getting school supplies on this day, and instead, I would be the one picking their supplies for them, on a different day!

They might as well have been placing things in the cart, though they didnt…..They were driving me insane! Of course, the crowdedness of the store didnt help matters. I let my oldest daughter start on her list, but had her place her stuff separately, so I could check it. I started with my boys lists, because they are in the same grade. When I would give them an item to search for, they would argue over what they really needed, or which was a better price. All the while, my youngest daughter is showing me every item she needs, but technically isn't putting it in the cart, plus she keeps begging me to let her have her list!! This was not a place to go postal on them….there were so many other good, tolerable mothers in the same aisle….of course, they only had ONE child!

Next, I moved on to my 2nd graders list… She had been waiting for so long! But now she needed to go to the bathroom…BAD! AHAHAHAHA…AAAHHH! We went to the bathroom, and started over. Now, the boys were interrupting me, because they couldn't find a backpack in their designated price range, and my oldest daughter couldn't find the stuff she needed without help, and was starting to give me those long drawn out sighs, signaling me to recognize, that “they” always get all of the attention, and she gets none!!

We finally got through all 4 lists, with nothing worse than a dirty look, or rude EXUSE ME! Then on to the busy line , where people behind me were being passive aggressive about how long they were waiting due to our huge cart of supplies. No… I was not letting them go ahead of me in line, even if they had one measly item…..I had just gone through a real nightmare! Plus, now one child was flipping through magazines in line, one was on a huge search for the kind of gum he wanted to spend the last of his loose change on, and the other two were trying to stuff their new backpacks with supplies as the man scanned them, fighting over who got the next item, so we didnt have to waste all the plastic bags! They were literally taking the items out of the poor mans hands, and were in his work area no less. I honestly didnt know where to start in this discipline process!

Finally, we made it to the car, where I felt slightly freed again….Until I heard “Lets go home and separate it tonight!!! No no no no no…. I've endured too much! I think this will be the job of MAMA NÉE! AHAHAHAHAHHHHH…AHAHAHAHAHHHHH. ONE FULL YEAR TIL WE DO THIS AGAIN:)!



2 thoughts on “Living A True Nightmare: Its Time For School Supplies!

  1. debbiedoit says:

    Again, another very funny peek inside your life/head. I do recall the school shopping times, both as the kid and the parent. Exciting time on both sides of the fence! Enjoy!!! It only gets better!! (??)

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