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I played 3 hours of monopoly with my 10 year old boys last night…. The longest time playing EVER! I watched as they slowy took all my money, while I was sipping on red wine to try decrease my anxiety.

They would giggle and say “You owe me $200”, knowing I didn't have it, and then made horrible deals to gain my property. They had thousands of dollars in their hands, and I had $14. Still, they would whine if they landed on my miniscule property and had to pay up $24!! They would pretend to loan me money, like they were feeling sorry for me. Then, just as I went to grab it, they would say “Yeah right”, and would take it back, while laughing hysterically!!!!

I admit that I can be a little competitive, so I won't lie that it was agitating me that they were winning…..and by ALOT. I realized it was stupid to feel this way, afterall, it was only a game! I would calm myself down by drinking more wine, and telling myself that they were young, and that there was plenty of opportunities for them to cheat. They were bumping the table ALOT!…. Some of my money probably “accidentally” got on their side! Also, were they really rolling doubles all these times in a row? Most likely not… So, in reality, I was probably winning, even if it didnt look like it:):):)!

Really though, as I was watching them take all my money and property, and while they dangled money over my head and said “just kidding”, I wondered if this is how I would be treated when I'm elderly! Could these boys be capable of taking all my social security checks, and my house, and claim to be caring for me, while I lay there rotting in my own fecal matter and bed sores? Would they offer me a sliver of food, but tell me they were kidding at the last second? If I based it on this game right here, then YES, THEY WOULD!!!!

I thought I raised them better than that!

In cases like these, when I let my mind wander, I have to remind myself its only a daydream….it's not REAL! Oh…and also……LAY OFF THE BOOZE!



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