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Every now and again, when I'm belting out a tune in the car, that I've have listened to over and over again for years/decades, I for the first time ever, pay attention to the actual lyrics! I'm not even saying that I wasn't singing the right words…. I simply wasn't paying attention to what I was singing…. I was just going though the motions if you will.

The other day on the way to work, I was singing along to “I wish I had a girl who walked like that”, by Henry Lee Summer. I've heard that song at least a hundred times, but this time, I actually wondered what it meant….

Did his girlfriend at the time have a bad limp? What kind of walking does a man dream that his lady have? Never being a man myself, I can only guess.

She would have long tanned legs, a skinny waist, and a buxom bottom that stuck out just enough. Her shorts would barely cover her labia, and her hair would be so long and perfect, just meeting the top of her shorts band. Her teeth would be perfect as she tossed her head sideways and gave a perfect grin. Oh….. And she can walk.

I just never hear people say… “Would you look at the walk on that lady”….. Unless maybe she was wearing a corrective shoe, and then they for sure werent commenting on how they wished their lady walked like that! Honestly, I've never heard it in that scenario either!

It's clearly all about a beautiful woman walking, instead of an average lady, because quite frankly, the woman that Henry Lee Summer is describing, is out of his league!

Another song that always baffles me is the song by the Cranberries, “Let it linger”! This is a sort of love ballad. She loves him and he's cheating and she's sad…and so on and so forth. She sings the song so softly, but the lyrics are bothersome. “You got me wrapped around your little finger. Do you have you have to…do you have to let it linger”?…

This reminds me of when I was a kid. My dad would say pull my finger, and then he'd let off the most enormous fart, filling his pants and the room with laughter! Oh it lingered all right! This beautiful love ballad was never taken seriously, by the likes of me.

Lastly, I've always wondered about the lyrics to MEATLOAF'S “I would do anything for love”. He bares his soul to let her know how much he loves her. He tells her all the things he would do for her. He even says he would be willing to go to HELL and back for her!!!

He seems like the perfect man to have really. I certainly wouldn't walk the grounds with Satan, to show my love for someone. Instead I would say “Youre on our own….What did you do anyway”?

The thing is he was pretty much game for anything! But, as he belts out the end of his tear jerking love song he says …….”But I won't do THAT”! What could be worse than the fiery pits of hell. I've forever wondered what he won't do, though I haven't printed off the whole words to the song.

All I know is this….If he ain't gonna do that, than he ain't for me:):):!!!



6 thoughts on “QUESTIONABLE LYRICS????

  1. mysweetmusings says:

    Once a gentleman yelled out to me, “you walk like you fuck black dudes.” To which I replied, “why they gotta be black?”

  2. I am still listening to the same music I had cranked up to 11 when i was in high school. This is mostly maiden,priest,motley crue, and metallica. I too know all the words to all there songs and every now and then to i actually listen, for the purpose of interpreting their meaning. Usually when i discover their meaning, i am pretty psyched and it sort of renews the awesomeness of the song. I know people dont like this genre because they cannot understand the words. Maybe if the same thing were true about country music, then people would not think it was stupid.

    Fantastic work lady

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