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Recently, while driving in the car, I was listening to a recording that had been caught on tape. It was a video of a husband secretly recording his wife throwing a tantrum, after learning she wouldn't be going to the beach. She had been telling him that she wanted to go all week, and assures him that he promised that they could go. He says he never promised, and said that he had worked 60 hours that week, and had notified her that he would be spending the weekend getting things done around the house.

He knew she would throw a fit, so he secretly placed the recorder in the car. He told her he was going to get his tires rotated, instead of going to the beach, and she went ballistic! This was a 30 year old woman screaming at the top of her lungs, and kicking the car with her feet! She apparently has had a history of breaking doors and windows in her fits of rage.

Obviously, I don't know this woman, and like anything else, there is probably more to the story. I however hope that I would never respond to such a minuscule thing, in this sort of fashion, though I feel I have been driven to it on several occasions….. How embarrassing!

As I was mulling this over in my mind, thinking “What an idiot”, I began to recall a recent tantrum that I threw.

This summer, Renee has gotten up much earlier than all of us, to go to work. I can count on two hands how many times she has “accidently” taken my phone, leaving me with no real updated way of communicating with others.

We both have the same “behind the times” phone. Mine used to have a case to differentiate, but broke like everything else in this house. This lead to her taking MY phone more often. The thing is, if you push that one little button on the front, you can see whose phone you have, because we have different photos on the front. How many extra seconds would that take….maybe a millisecond? Plus, I really felt that if you had made the mistake once, and someone (me) got irritated, you would remember that the next time….AND CHECK!

The first time it happened I was just irritated, but after the 8th time I was fuming! When I came down the stairs in search of my phone this time, and noticed it wasn't here, I thought “Surely not again”? Feeling agitated already, I thought I'd give her the benefit of the doubt, and call my phone, just in case I misplaced it. Luckily, the kids had their “joint” phone for me to use.

When she answered my phone, I became enraged…. Far beyond what was necessary! “Did you take my phone….again”!!!!!! Feeling sure of her self she confidently says “I really don't think I did this time”! I was growing even more angry…..”That's interesting, because I called my phone and you answered it”!….. she honestly responded with, “Let me check”, before notifying me that she had in fact taken both of our phones this particular morning!!!

I started to get dizzy, my blood pressure was skyrocketing, my larnyx was shutting off! I completely lost my head, yelling like a toddler, and throwing a serious tantrum. I didnt understand how this could happen, AND this many times! Suddenly, I had all these people I needed to call or text, and what was I gonna do now!!!! This was an outrage…. AND I WAS AN IDIOT.

The truth is, we don't even have smart phones. We literally use it for calling or texting. I rarely use it….EVER! I don't check emails, check blog statuses, Instagram, or Facebook on it. Also, I had the kids phone with me, in case I needed to text or call someone, though I may not have had ALL the contacts I would have had. This tantrum was unnecessary, and I had made her feel so small, due to my, “more frequently than not”, control freak issues!

If I had her car in front of me, would I have kicked it to smithereens that morning? I hope to God not, but I'm certainly headed that direction! If someone had been recording me at the time of my rantings, I would have looked nearly as foolish as this lady…. Maybe worse! So, to keep me from heading down the wrong path with my anger and rage, I am making a public apology to Renee for my giant tantrum, and vow to try and remind myself to sing the entire national anthem, before reacting in any fashion that I may be unable to take back:)

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