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This week I have been trying to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and highs in the 70's… However, my horrible moods, and disposition as a whole, are bringing me down. I simply am tolerant of nothing this week.

I'm sure it is mostly hormones, mixed with everyday life occurances around this place. THIS PLACE, meaning my home. I feel a little sorry for my children, but not much, because I have relayed the information clearly….

“I am not happy right now! Have you ever heard me tell you that if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all? Well, that is how I'm feeling…. So, please don't MAKE ME say something to you”!…It's really a joke that I say these sorts of things to them.

I often times have heard people say that their children seem to sense their needs at the time, and will sometimes give them a break, acting like true cherubs in that time frame….

Well, mine don't. They have been fighting all day, and hitting, and punching, and screaming, and calling each other stupid, and crying, and saying they wish they weren't brothers, and breaking my good wrought iron chair legs, while using it to get in a tree, and by refusing to clean up Amstels dog poop off of their floor yet again, and by destroying my house with cereal bowls, cups, plates, granola bar wrappers, loose pieces of bread on my floor, and rotting apple cores!

Aside from my hormone induced rages, this week has been a little taxing anyway. School starts next week so we are getting all those last minute things “done up”! We have been to the doctor for immunizations, the eye doctor for newfound “bad eyes”, and the hair cut lady, for back to school haircuts. In addition to this, I have three people coming to give me estimates, so I know how much it will cost me to cut down a huge rotting tree, in my backyard. Plus, today I went to sign my daughter up for 6th grade, which was causing me great anxiety anyway!

Renee has been working all week, so I was going to have to either take all 4 of my kids to these events, or barter with my son to wake himself before 12pm and keep an eye on his younger sister for a short period. Luckily he agreed, but all they managed to do was stay in their PJs, with their teeth rotting out of their heads, and all while never removing their eyes from the Disney channel!!! Today was no different…

I rarely leave my other son home without me, because he is known to play with lighters, beats people up, and makes HORRIBLE choices when I'm gone. So, he had to tag along to the doctor on one day, and to middle school registration today.

Despite my mood, I was excited for my daughter to take the next step on her journey in life. I was more anxious than she. I pointed out every bathroom she might be using, and picked up every flyer, while she would roll her eyes and say “Please stop”! It would have been perfect, except for my son kept taking her papers, finding her room before her, taking the locker combination from her, and telling her it was simple, and that she was dumb! I had had it! I reminded him on several occasions that this was not his day, but his sisters. I told him that I had not brought him along, to learn what she needed to learn….. He stared blankly at me and yelled “THEN WHY DID YOU BRING ME”?? At this point, I was whispering through my teeth….”I simply brought you along so you didn't set my house on fire…That's it!… Ok?”…….And it was….

Once home, I admit, I had no reserve. I can't imagine how nice they would have had to be, to get me over my funk. Actually, their niceness may have irritated me more.

So today, after looking at my house in shambles… The same house I cleaned yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that…etc… I decided that I WILL NOT be cleaning this house today, but THEY WILL! At this point, my seriousness wasn't questioned. They were not without fighting, and chasing, and placing blame on who did less, but they were doing it, AND while I had my feet up relaxing…. If you call interceding fights and redirecting work relaxing!!

Finally, one of them had had it with cleaning. He had actually worked up his nerve to question me! “Mama, why do we always have to clean up after you guys”? HE DONE GONE AND MADE A MISTAKE NOW!!!:)

He is currently enjoying some solitude in his room, while I gather myself and sing the national anthem over and over again, until I feel ready to approach the situation… Wish me luck!





  1. Here in Ireland the summer holiday for older kids is end of May to September, and younger children end of June to September, and unlike this year we are not always guaranteed good weather. Imagine how your hormones would rage during all those months!

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