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DATE NIGHT: This happens maybe 3-4 times a year. Partly, because its hard to find someone to watch 4 unruly children, and partly because our unruly children make us to tired to consider it!

This week we fit one in!! We decided to dress REAL fancy, go somewhere high dollar for dinner, and then sit outside somewhere for a cocktail at dusk. We decided on Morton's steak house, because it had good ambience, we would be dining with the elite, and because we were starving….6:30 was way past dinner time at our house!

I immediately got myself in a tizzy over these prices! Fancy dress or not, $58 for a steak was astronomical! Plus it was a 16oz steak… We would never eat that! I asked her if we could share, and she was mortified! “You don't go somewhere like this, and SHARE a meal”! She told me to stop my behavior, and reminded me that this is why we came…. To waste money! After settling for the cheap house wine for $10, and after disappointing the waiter by asking what the 4 course value special was, that I had happened to see at the door (but not on the menu), my anxiety was decreasing!!

I had talked myself into the idea that $49 was a steal for a 6oz steak, salad, appetizer, and desert/per person. Of course this didnt include our $20 drinks, or gratuity, but we were pretending we were wealthy right? Having 4 kids makes you very wealthy!!!:(.

We were able to talk, without children interrupting for a few hours. We talked about our jobs, the kids, our next camp trip, and we talked about how we really need to do this more often…. All over this loud obnoxious rich lady, who wanted everyone to hear her conversation. She was actually WORSE than the kids!

Part way through our dinner, I looked around at the people amongst us. Who were they? What did they do for a living? Who were the people in the back room, with the doors shut? Then I looked behind us. On the wall were pictures of celebrities who had dined there. We really were “somebodies”, by dining here.

I looked around at all the different waitstaff, and became intrigued about how much they made. Most of them were men, wearing white shirts with bow ties, and black pants. A few waitresses were also working, but they looked frumpy and unkept!

I wondered what was the matter with me. I am a woman! I should feel glad that women are being treated equally. I admitted to Renee that I was glad we had a male waiter, and confessed that I don't think it's as classy to have a female server at a fine dining establishment….GASP! What was I saying??

Am I a woman who does not believe in equal opportunity??? No…. I just believe that I am more fascinated by the fact that a man is serving a woman. Also, I think it's degrading to make women wear these black pants and white dress shirts with bow ties. Also they wear no makeup, and had to wear their hair in a low pony. I almost think the establishment was trying to pass them off as men, hoping to pay them less and maybe get a tax write off!:).

$180 later, and with our bellies overstuffed, we were out of there! I reminded Renee that this could have bought a weeks worth of groceries for our house! Again she told me to hush, and reminded me of that great deal we got at the door.

Thank god she reminded me of those savings…..OR I may not have slept at all this week. AND truthfully, I don't think I could take not eating OR sleeping this week:)




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