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This is what I've been doing all day! Well, minus the times I've been swatting at bot flys and refilling my water glass! It's been wonderful!

The kids were fabulous ALL DAY! No fighting, telling, hitting, or back talk….of course they did have a friend over……. and the day isn't over yet! I guess I really needed a day like this in lieu of my mood, and their behavior last week!

Tonight was the big elementary school ice cream social. This happens every year, right before school starts, so that the kids can meet their teachers, see their classroom, and catch up with old friends over a bowl of ice cream. We go every year….It's kind of like a holiday around our house!

Each new school year, they grow excited……and I grow anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, and just plain sick!

I think the biggest problem is that my oldest daughter is so well behaved!….Darn her;)! She sets a high bar for the rest of her siblings, who sometimes get the same teacher she had. Although at this point, most people know who my children are, and I'm certain teachers “talk”!

As we moved throughout the line, meeting our new teachers, and saying hello to the teachers of past, all 4 of my kids were grinning, as they each spoke softly, but with the look of excitement.

Awwww….sweet little bitties! 🙂

As my boys were talking to their new teachers (they are in the same grade), one of the teachers said “Oh, I had your sister last year”!….Heres where my large intestines jump into my throat, while my heart is racing, and I start wondering how I'm going to break the news! This wasn't the place…..but I felt I should warn them.

While they were smiling at my seemingly cherub like boys, I was trying to get their attention with my eyes….to give them some sort of sign, to motion to them that maybe we should talk in private….but it was no avail! I guess they'll find out on their own, or after the first phone call home, or after their first fist fight, or first cuss word that's uttered??? It makes me sick!!

But truthfully, they don't worry me nearly as bad as the little one!!! The one who has a mind of her own….she is the boss of her own self…..she doesn't want to listen…..she wants to tell others what to do….including the teacher. Her teacher this year is phenomenal….we've had her before. She had my sweet son, who was more emotional and lazy, but listened most of the time…..

I greeted her 2nd grade teacher with my head partially down…..worried! She was happy to have another of our loving children……but how could she know!!!!?? She reached down to hug my little princess, and I wondered “Will that be their last hug”!?…. Everyone's so happy in the beginning of the year, aren't they? I wish it could last:)! I just kept thinking that she won't know what's coming her way….. I can't even warn her!

Luckily, as we said hello to her 1st grade teacher, she told us that she had talked to my daughters new teacher, about what a “good” student she was. She winked at me as she told my daughter that she better not let her down! Is it a problem that someone winks at you, while telling the child that they're good????!!!……..Nah!

As my children embark on yet another year of education, good memories, and life's lessons…. I wish them luck, and hope its a better one than the year before. AND….as an added bonus, and with a glass of wine in hand…. I cheers all the parents out there, including myself, who are about to embark on the same journey:)!




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