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These are a list of things that I did, all in a single weekend…..and ALL of it with my family!!

Sometimes I don't know how I manage all these day to day activities, plus manage to raise 4 decent children, and mange to keep a handful of friends in the process!!:)

The festivities began Friday, at my moms house, for a celebration of “BIG PAPA's” (Chucks) 64th birthday! His kids, her kids, big kids, small kids….all in attendance. We dined on good BBQ, feasted on great deserts, and sang happy birthday over the most dilapidated cake I've ever seen.!!

My mom tried out her own recipe…a Heath cake! She slathered a double cake with chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and whip cream. The cake wouldn't stay together, due to the slipperiness!….Also, she had no Heath!!? It was melting before our eyes, so she quickly threw it in the freezer. When it was time to display the cake, the top half was barely hanging onto the lower half. We put candles on both sides, in hopes no one would notice, but unfortunately, someone had to hold the opposite side so it would balance on the table at all.

We followed this up with a good game of red rover (as described in my previous post), and a handful of good laughs with my siblings! But then…..It was time to get serious!

My brothers, our wives, and children had a talent show to prepare for! My dads side of the family was having their annual family reunion this past Saturday!! We were supposed to already have our acts together, because we've known about it for a year now, but we ALL procrastinated!

Quickly, our minds pooled together, each trying to think of our strengths. Unfortunately, I was the only one with REAL strengths, so we had to make theirs up:). The kids came up with skits (which were questionable):), we all came up with a cheer/dance for the entire group to do, and then the adults came up with a beautifully choreographed, “feats of strength” performance that would be hard to match! I'd love to show you the video of our practice, but I don't know how to attach one yet, though I do have it somewhere on my Facebook page.

Anyway, take my word for it…..WE….WERE…. PHENOMENAL!

It may have been the wine, but our bodies moved and swayed like we were born to do this! Head stands, push-ups with someone on their back, leaps, a man holding two ladies on his biceps, a balancing act, and the star of the show (me), standing on the shoulders of her brother with NO hands, as the grand finale…..all seen in this show!

At the family reunion, we were full of anxiety and goose pimples! We watched our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma perform talents beyond our belief. Some people could pick things up with their toes, and others were undefeated leg wrestlers. There was guitar playing and tuba playing, photography, and Good Will dressers. There were piano players, red solo cup players, and book readers. There was even one who could touch his tongue to his nose! The talent was endless! Could we even be a match to these family members who had practiced so long???!

Turns out….WE WERE:)! We came to realize we were gifted talent show stars. We simply love the spotlight!:).

After having a ball visiting with our family that we only see once a year, my brother, sister in law, and a dear friend from high school met for a glass of wine at a local winery. We reminisced about the past, present, and future, and were on our way.

Next stop was home, where my sister and her partner graced us with their presence for the night. We had a nice campfire for July…..AND then…. My sister actually challenged me to an IQ TEST! Ha! I was in, against my better judgement! The thing is, she just wants to be better than me at one thing….but it's too hard:)! I run faster, I look better in a wife beater, and I could probably beat her in arm wrestling or regular wrestling, if she was brave enough to try…..Plus mom likes me better!! Unfortunately, after finding a REAL (free) IQ test on line, that was 10 questions in length, I put her to shame again. She was above intelligence when she scored 7/10! GREAT! But imagine her surprise when I scored 10/10……..POOR LITTLE SWEETIE!

This night was followed up the next day with laying poolside, though it was too cold to get in! We talked about girl stuff….kids, vacations, work, dreams…..But mosly we talked about Bot flies. Ever since someone recently told me about how their eggs get under your skin, and then grow into adults under your flesh, while creating multiple babies, and designing different tracts within your body, I go wild even if the tiniest of house flies lands on me. I spent much of my day swatting, and worrying how many eggs are already on board my train! My sister and I don't always agree on much, but we both believe that bot flies are NOT OUR FRIENDS! Lets just say that if a bot fly was chasing us….these pictures below would depict our feelings:)!

I'm again going to end with my favorite phrase….I LOVE MY FAMILY:)!




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