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I have always felt like drinking beer at Chuck E Cheese, was sort of an oxymoron! I grasp the idea of WHY a parent would want to drink themselves to oblivion there, and I'm not even saying I haven't poured one of their beers into a coffee mug, that I may have brought in with me…. But it's not exactly the picture of safety!

I've unfortunately been to enough birthday parties at this facility to see how it works. The children paw and lick all over the equipment, that other children have pawed and licked on, putting them at risk for every virus, bacteria, and bubonic plague out there. While this is happening, ALL parents are looking on, with glassy eyes, wondering why the little hand on the clock isn't moving!!!!

Naturally, this leads some people to cave in to the offering of beer, even if it would be out of their character to have it. I've been there a couple of times, and have sadly witnessed workers, holding up a random child with wet pants, asking for a parent to please come claim their little darling! Some parents look on in horror, wondering who could do such a thing, and others, like myself, just nod their head. We know where the parent is….. Outside smoking! They probably misjudged their intake, needed a cigarette, and now the CPS will be here soon, to remove the soiled child from their custody!!! ALL BECAUSE OF THIS HORRID ATMOSPHERE, AND THEIR IDIOTIC OFFERING OF BEER!

Really though, what a horrible place to offer adult beverages. There are children everywhere, plus its usually a party, and who's going to drive them home? It seems silly that one would bring a designated driver along for such an occasion!?

Luckily, we've grown out of the Chuck E Cheese phase, so I felt glad to have escaped the law so far. Today however, I took the kids to see Despicable me 2 at the theater! For the first time ever, I saw a sign saying that they now serve beer and alcohol at the theater! My kids were quick to point it out, of course! They were pleading with me to get a beer, while other mothers, or grandmothers were looking on in horror! I delicately smiled, reminding them that mommy doesn't drink in the middle of the day!!!!!

Was the selling of this product at the movies a godsend, or the WORST idea EVER?

Sometimes I enjoy these cartoons and kids shows, and love to watch my kids giggle at the silliness they provide. But honestly, sometimes I feel like I would rather be pulling my eyelashes out one at a time to take my mind of the torture that is before me. What a brilliant idea!

Moms everywhere can meet everyday at the theater, sending our cherubs into the movie, while we get loaded outside. Maybe we can take turns being the designated driver, or hire a teenager to drive us around. BRILLIANT!! Forget book clubs, and mom and me classes… Lets get tore up mid afternoon, to numb ourselves for the evening!!:)

In my personal opinion, this is the dumbest idea they could have come up with….Even for the people drinking at night. Besides, who can afford to go drinking at the movie theater these days?? 2 cokes and a popcorn cost me $20 bucks today, I can't imagine what a margarita and some beer nuts would run me.

So in summary, I'm going to choose not to jump on this bandwagon quite yet! I'm afraid I'm going to have to see the specials first….. BUY A LARGE AND GET FREE REFILLS:)




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