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TRUE FACT: Giraffes and humans both have 7 vertebrae in their necks.

Being raised a Christian, I will always believe that humans were created by God, beginning with Adam and Eve, and the creation of Earth.

However, for years and years, scientists have been finding comparisons between humans and “other” species, in hopes of proving that we evolved from something else.

Just a side note: I always have felt sorry for the ones who were left behind in the evolution process, all those millions of years ago!

The comparison of humans and apes have always been the most prevalent and popular…. The internal organs of both humans and apes are lined up almost identically! They also have opposable thumbs, and eat meat and vegetables, just like us! I'm not sure if they share our love for starches and sugars, so I won't fill you with false information…..but WOW! Could we really have evolved from these creatures?

As my mind wonders, I start to think about it in depth……

I believe it must have happened much like a hierarchy. Maybe the apes with more money (or bananas back then), could afford to send their kids to the Apes with higher intelligence….the geniuses! Just like us, they probably wanted their kids to have a better life than their own!

These scholars would teach these kids advanced practices. They would stop using their opposable thumbs, because they would have servants that were below them, so their arms would get weaker, and their legs would get stronger. Then they would probably start wearing shoes with arches, allowing for them to stand up straighter, to have better posture. Their brains would naturally get bigger than their original ancestors, because they filled them with vast knowledge of……well, everything!!! I sure do wish went a little further back, so we could see the exact ape tribe we were related to!

Next is the dolphin. ….Scientists say our brain size and capacity are about the same! They can communicate with humans using sign language, and even get moody…just like us! They say our genomes are almost identical to that of a dolphin, only they are mixed around a little causing the order to be a little off! I don't know about you, but this is uncanny!!! Other than their lack of flesh, their inability to live on land,their lack of legs and arms, their different sleep patterns, and their lack of manners at the table….we are basically looking in the mirror at ourselves!!

Then there are the mermaids. I admit I found myself at the forefront of this phenomenon! Is it real or not? I'm not sure but I WANT to believe! These creatures have been depicted for years, on caves, cartoons, mythology, and tattoos!

While watching that informative show MERMAIDS: A Body Found, I found my body in front of the television with my eyes glued to the screen! It made complete sense! They say half of the original apes escaped to the water, to get away from their predators, while the other half stayed on land. Eventually, after being in the water that long, their hair started to fall out, and webbing started growing between each of their fingers and toes. It was obvious what would happen next…..they would grow a fin, and be able to swim under water for long periods, enabling us to communicate with our cousins, the dolphins.

Plus….it was recorded on video, by responsible teenage boys on the beach! I'll never forget that almost lifeless body dragging itself in the sand, with tattered hair and sunken in eyes, with no shirt and a fin! Was she a friend or a foe?….Well it was confusing when she viciously reached out and grabbed the arm of the young boy, who was video recording her!!! She didn't look nice….. but I still believe it could be true!

Maybe we WERE apes, maybe dolphins, or mermaids….maybe even aliens…who knows! Regardless, the most recent animal we've been compared to has really got my mind spinning!

Giraffes? Could that be true? 7 vertebrae for both of us….AND in the neck?? I also learned that the male giraffes fight neck to neck, to win the hand of their lady!….I've certainly seen male humans do this!….Hmmm, but I wasn't entirely convinced……UNTIL I learned that a giraffes tongue can reach up to 18 inches, to reach a desired treat!

It had to be real….because just this week I witnessed my uncle reach that far up to get what was hanging from his nose, at the family reunion talent show!!!

These scientists may just be onto something!!!:)




  1. The Mermaid show totally held my attention. The mermaid on the rock!! the mermaid that approached the men in the underwater sub thing!! crazy!!

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