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Sometimes the Best Gifts Go Unnoticed

Today I shared a much needed bonding moment with my 10 year old son, who I struggle with constantly in a behavioral manner.

I recognize that sometimes I struggle to show him affection, because I always feel I'm reprimanding and redirecting him, and then I feel guilty and often times mentally exhausted from the nonsense. Almost every time I feel as though I have reached my maximum with him, something changes in the elements, and I get one small endearing moment with him……AND I MEAN a MOMENT;)!

This summer he has been focusing on his gut, that has been caused by his overindulgence of portion sizes and his snack hiding. As a family, we all decided it was best to cut out the snacks, and pay attention to what we were putting in our bodies (some were reluctant)!

He is a very high maintenance and busy child, but he doesn't always jump at the chance to exercise. I've encouraged him ALOT, and this summer he has made great efforts to reach his goal. Although he has to sometimes be reminded, you can amazingly watch him change his mind before taking that extra large helping, and he will put some back before sitting down. I was very proud of him, because as we all know, it's very hard to say no to some foods, and to keep ourselves from the 2nd or 3rd helping.

He swam all summer, played outside, played ball, and stayed active. The other day, he randomly, and proudly showed me his slimmed down belly, and I beamed with pride. He was proud of himself, and he should be…he worked hard!… (However, its not a complete miracle….He still needs prodding to get himself off that computer at times)!!

Today, after school, I decided to go on a short run, and asked the kids if they wanted to ride their bikes along side me, as we sometimes do. They were all waving me off initially, saying “See ya” and such. He was sitting at the kitchen table looking wiped from his second day of school. I asked him again if he wanted to go. “Nah” he said. “I just need to chill out for awhile”!

I asked what was plaguing him and he told me that recess had really taken everything out of him. Seriously! What these kids have to endure these days!!!….After saying “You sure”? A few more times, I was out the door to take the run on my own. But before I left, he said “Mama wait, I'm coming with you”! I was pleased with his decision, and suddenly I had two more followers, in addition to him.

After my run, I met them at the playground. My girls were bored and one had to poop, so they left for home! My son asked if I was ready. I told him I was going to run a few sprints, and then I would head home. I asked if he wanted to join me, and as I suspected I got a flat “No”! He reminded me that he does sprints in gym class, so there would be no need or him to do them here.

I told him he could go on home, and I'd meet him there.

Instead, he actually followed me over to the grassy area and said “I'm not a good runner, but I'll try:)! He has never done this…running is not his forte. I told him it wasn't a race, we just go as hard as we can. He ran a solid sprint, and he impressed even himself. As we were walking back from one of the sprints, I told him I really wanted to get myself in shape enough, so I could jog back, after sprinting.. Instead of walking.

That little cherub waited for me to start the next one, and said “On this last one Mama, lets jog back, no matter how tired we are!!

I said “Lets just do what each of our bodies can”:). When I got to the end, I jogged back, dying the whole way….But I did it!….AND he high fived me, proud that his encouragement worked! On our way back home, he pushed his bike to walk with me, and we talked the whole way. I know he did these things today, because it was important to me, and he was able to recognize this!! It was a bonding moment!

Sometimes I need moments like this to remind myself just how much I love this boy…. AND I REALLY REALLY DO:)!



7 thoughts on “Sometimes the Best Gifts Go Unnoticed

  1. You know something TIA, I have been reading you for a couple of weeks now and I wasnt sure why till right now. I guess you as a mom are taking care of your kids and in a way, I am sort of cheering you on. When you talked about your sons difficulties it sounds like you were talking about my son, Brett.

    I am Brett’s Step-dad, but he is my son, and I love him. I know exactly how you felt today, and I dont mind telling me that your story brought me to tears. I am so happy to know that things went well for you today and I am so proud that your son is figuring out how much you love him.

    Dont you worry about him. He will grow up into a man that you will watch graduate get married have kids and go through all the trouble that you have. Thank you for sharing this. This is the best thing you have written as far as I can see. Good for you TIA. Tell you boy for me that his behavior today was that of a man

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement, and of course for reading:)! I know he’s a good little guy, he’s just frustrating….ALOT!

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