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VERSATILE??: Ramblings from my second award!

I was recently notified that I was the recipient of the versatile blogger award. I admit I grinned, and secretly cheered inside. Versatile was such a big word…. I'd never been called that before, and I wasn't even absolutely certain that I knew what that meant! So like everything else, I looked it up:)!

There were 4 definitions: 1. Capable of doing many things…competently. 2. Having various uses or serving many functions. 3. Changeable 4. Capable of moving freely in all directions.

Other than being able to move my body freely in all directions, I think I could be versatile:). So first, I say a GREAT BIG thank you to Alecia Benton for nominating me. If you haven't checked out her blog Imperfectly Perfect, you should check it out here! It's very entertaining and life altering at times:)!

Now here are the rules:

1: Display the award on your page.

2: Announce the win with a post, and link it back to your nominator as a Thank You!

3: Present 15 awards to those of your choosing.

4: Post 7 things about yourself.

5: Oh..and somehow alert your nominees of there award status.


So here I go talking about myself again…

+ I enjoy wearing full figured ladies underwear. The bigger they are, and the more that come in the pack, the better.

+ I love dressing up in different evening gowns from used clothing stores… I have my own dress up box at home!

+ I douse all my food with salt, before tasting it, but will gag and sputter at the taste of magarita or sea salt!

+ My family and I get in CHEERLEADING poses frequently when we are together!

+ I play with the photo booth app, probably a little to often.

+ I look ALOT like my mom in the above picture

+ I like lots of hugs, and long walks on the beach!

NOW: Here is my list of 15. Forgive me if you've received the award 100 times, but these are a list of some of my faves!

I am Tom Nardone


Contrary mom

The accidental cootchie mama

Luminous Blue

The Adventures blog

My thoughts on a page

The jogging dad

Raising 5 kids with disabilities and staying sane

Irrefutable opinion

I'm going slightly mad

Things my daughters told me

Oh yes I did

Valley girl gone country

Mom rants and comfy pants


Thanks again for this wonderful award:):):):



22 thoughts on “VERSATILE??: Ramblings from my second award!

  1. Congrats on your award!!! …….and thank you for nominating me!!!! I think I’m going to print this award out and place it on the fridge as well πŸ™‚

    • LOL! This is the third time I’ve seriously tried to type this, without jacking it up! I know you’ve been handed out a few awards lately, including this one, but I would rather give a shout out to my favorites. ANd.. I’m sorry I didnt notify you properly, but my behind the times computer skills sometimes make me lack in certain areas, such as linking!!! Again…I love reading your blog, and all it entails:)… Happy Friday!

      • I’m so glad you enjoy my blog….you’re one of my favorites as well…..that’s the only way I knew you gave me an award…..I was excited for you…..and then I was like “well look at that…you got an award!”…thank you again!!

    • You are awesome! Sorry I didn’t notify you properly of this prestigious award, but for one, ths linking business takes ALOT of my time to figure out, and for two I feel that you are already a celebrity without me:)! Seriously… I find your work very entertaining, and I would be happy to share it with everyone:). Now lets hug, wipe a tear, and go back to our ownselves again….. Shall we:)?

      • Hey I replied to soon before I read the rest of your comment. You honor me and thanks for the top billing haha

        You can share anything on my page that you want to.

        You are such a sweet versatile blogger

      • Awwww! Thanks good buddy! When I figure out ow t do I I will! I learn something new each day:). Thanks for your advice in return… I’ll take all of it!

    • I know! Sometimes I bend and stretch in odd ways, just to see if they ride up….and hey rarely do! Unless….. The elastic wears out around the legs, and then ALOT of fabric gets up there!!

  2. Instead of looking up “versatile”, I had to look up what a “full figured ladies underwear” was. I was then assaulted with inappropriate images and reprimanded by my wife! Anyway, thanks for the award, I’m truly honoured. You already know now much I like your blog, right?

    • I’m glag you lived through the reprimand…. I may have led your wife to a new kind of underwear, but please tell her that they really aren’t cool in this day and age!:)

    • No problem… You know I love reading your insightful words.. My mom may not have loved that comment, but she need to,face the facts that we look alike:)

  3. Thank you for the nomination!

    I have to say, it is so cool that you have your own dress up box. I want one. That’s one of those things I envied my friends that my mother never allowed for some reason.

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