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Learning to Run With your Family…Or Away From the Weird Guy:)

Cross Country Season is here! I have been waiting for my daughter to be old enough to do this for years! She has run several 5ks with me and a few on her own. She loves to run, unless its with me!!!!

Knowing our personalities clash (I like to tell her what to do, and she doesn't like to be told what to do), I really laid off of her from the get go. I tried not to talk at all, but that's almost impossible. Every time I ran with her, she would be having heart trouble, she couldn't breath, her limbs and/or extremities would be cramping, or she would walk. However, every time she ran by herself, she ran the whole way and clipped along at about a 9/mi pace!

I finally stopped running with her… I have enough ailments of my own to worry about her! But… I always dream that one day we will run together as a team…a family unit! I'm secretly hoping this cross country team will help us get there!

When we got there, I was overly excited as usual, and she was rolling her eyes back and laying on the counter, in sheer boredom, as usual! So many things were running through my mind…. Would she be just as good as these older girls?…Would they ask me to help, after seeing me at the meeting in my running shorts (which was clearly coincidental;))?…..Was the cross country coach single?…Why was the guy next to me sitting in my personal space AND why was he shouting out like he was in church, every time the coach made an encouraging statement?….

But as the coach went on, I admit I got a little teary eyed as he talked about team spirit, positive attitudes, encouraging one another, and working as a team. I couldn't believe that my little baby was going to be a part of this wonderful and caring team!! Then I began to wonder why I was tearing up and wondered if I should start taking testosterone pills 🙂

The meeting lasted an hour, which was a little long in my opinion. BUT… I have never actually been to a meeting that didnt have those annoying people that raise their hands to ask questions, that were already answered in the prior speech. They are so busy thinking up the question they are going to ask, that they must miss the whole speech about that topic in general. This time, I wasn't nearly as annoyed with the questions… I guess I was too busy doing stretches in my running shorts, hoping to get noticed, to concern myself with it 🙂

After the meeting, I was trying to talk to the coach to ask where his classroom was during the day, since my daughter is just a sixth grader, and may have trouble with her navigational skills! I was starting to get anxiety waiting in line however….

The ladies in front of me still had multiple questions, despite already asking them in the last half hour of the meeting…..Hannah was pulling on my shirt, saying “Lets go”!, and was assuring me she would find his room without my help, just as she had found all the bathrooms in the school, WITHOUT MY HELP!….AND THEN….I could not get away from the man next me named Jim….who I like to call Gym! He told me with tears in his eyes, how wonderful the team and coach was. He pointed out all the good runners, and told me how they will all be fast friends. He told me about how all the parents become a big family unit!??. And lastly… He told me about his recent heart attack, his arthritis, his bad knees, his need for knee surgery, and last but not least…his gout, which he showed me close up, and pointed out the swelling in areas that otherwise would not have been noticed.

I finally let Hannah win and we got on out of there!!! Geeeeesh! We weren't a family unit yet!!!

After getting home, I stole Hannah's thunder, and told Renee what we were about to experience. I was so excited! Then I made the horrible mistake of saying “That cross country coach was cute, wasn't he Hannah”?….

I said this, because I could picture young girls swooning over this young, in shape man….and he was cute. But instead of embarrassing her, they turned on me! The kids and Renee started yelling “Oooooh. Mama has a Crush! Oooooh… Oooooh”?

Between my new secret love of the coach and my new best friend (or cousin) Gym, I'm starting to get a little worried about the season….Plus, no one asked me to help yet, and I even dressed in costume!




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