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I'm not exactly sure why it bothers me so much that my oldest daughter will sleep well beyond noon, if she was given the opportunity! I have heard a few mothers out there say that it's a blessing that their preteen/teen child sleeps that long, because its that much more time that they are able to go without arguments…..but 10am is late enough in my opinion!

I don't know why I feel the need to wake her, especially since I can relate. When I was a kid, my mom would NEVER let me sleep in either. She wouldn't necessarily tell us to get up verbally, but instead she used more nonverbal cues! When she was ready for us to get up, she would start vacuuming our rooms or dusting the headboards on our beds! The thing is, we all had wood floors, and she always made US dust as a chore, so we were all onto her shenanigans! However, when she stirred us and we would whine, groan, and yell “MOM”!, she would look at us stunned, and say something like “Oh, did I wake you”?

Seriously….. She was SO irritating! We had to get up early every day for school! I never understood why she couldn't just give us a day to get a few extra hours of much needed rest. Especially if one of us had stayed up all night watching the marathon of reruns of the Patty Duke show, right before it went off air….FOREVER! But we never caught a break!

Well now, as a mother, I get it! I don't understand why my daughter would want to waste an entire day sleeping, when its her one real day off! And truthfully, if she didnt stay up so late playing on that kindle after I've said good night, she wouldn't be so tired!!!

Unfortunately for her, I'm even more irritating than my mother :). Oh, I'm still nonchalant about it, much like my mom, but I also have Chloe, the younger annoying sister on my side!

This morning, after first trying to wake her with the turning on of the blow dryer, without success, we (me, Chloe, and Renee), started to do the Hokey Pokey outside of her room. I was singing in a beautiful acupello/operatic voice, and a LITTLE louder than necessary :)! We all giggled and danced in unison….really having a good time at her expense!

Then, we would all crane our heads around her doorframe, to see if if it had worked. Her pillow was squeezed tightly around her head….her hands resembling vice grips. We all giggled again, like school girls playing a devious trick on our friend, and then we all went on our way…. Our job here was done!

I was braiding my younger daughters hair, when the oldest entered the bathroom with her feet, mouth and eyes dragging behind her… She was not pleased! She stopped to glare at us for a moment. I was trying to still act nonchalant when I said “Good morning sweetie”! She then glared harder……

She may have moved on at this point, choosing to follow the rule of “if you don't have something nice to say”, but then my little accomplice had to open her mouth!! To her sister, she said “It's not nice to stare you know”! Then she shot daggers from her eyes… And mouth for that matter!…

She responded in a sort of growl, that was piercing to the ears…”WELL IT'S NOT NICE TO WAKE PEOPLE UP”!!!!!!!! She may have spoken louder than necessary, in my opinion, but I decided to pick my battles…. And I may not have won this one:).

I asked her calmly what she was talking about. “I thought you were already up”!

She said loudly again “NO YOU DIDNT! I heard you guys planning to annoy me on the way up the stairs, because you are NOT quiet”!!!

Smiling, I thought to myself….OH THE SATISFACTIONS OF MOTHERHOOD 🙂





  1. My father was the worst!!! I didn’t have the luxury of sleeping in till noon or even past nine. He would make up some stupid marching song….he was in the military and a sheriff so he was used to coming up with some sort of cadence. This was soooooo ANNOYING!!!

    As a mom I couldn’t understand why my kids liked sleeping their day a way!!! I looked at them a LAZY!! but I never did anything annoying to wake them up…….well except for a few times that I yelled “GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED IT’S TIME FOR LUNCH!!”

    • LOL! Awesome! I am annoying to my kids ALOT to get them up. If they don’t get up on the first time, the second time I cockadoodle doo as a rooster, or sing, or knock constantly on the side of their beds until I’ve annoyed them to arise. Most of the time now, when I tell them to get up… They say Im up…real quick. I admit my annoying qualities:). That’s the first step right?

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