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This is as PERFECT as it Gets!

It is very rare that I get to spend the day with all of my family, without having plans. Today, Renee and I, and the kids had the day together…. No plans!

We made good use of our morning, and we elongated it into the afternoon, with coffee and solitude in tow. It was a high of 80, a perfect day, so we decided to get out of the house for awhile, but still wanted to stay outside.

We made our way down to the canal, which is a beautiful strip of area downtown, with sidewalks for biking, running, kayaking…. Just outdoors stuff! We probably walked for 3-4 miles, both on the canals and on the city streets…just for fun! The kids rolled in the grass, ran to their hearts content, laughed, played, and got along, while Renee and I basked in the glow of not having to reprimand anyone for a minute:)!

Half way through our trip, we stopped at a cafe overlooking the canal. Renee and I got a beer, and the kids ate gelato for the first time. We were such a well rounded family!

What a wonderful day….it was fun watching the kids exercise while getting a bit of fresh air, it was breathtaking to walk through all the luscious gardens that been planted along the canal, it was adventerous because we had no plan or exact path we were taking, and it was just a wonderful wonderful family day!

When we arrived home, still happy, and a bit high with love for one another, we asked the kids to pick their things up out of the yard. They immediately began their bickering about whose was what, and what was whose. They then moved to the basement where the fighting continued, and where one of my sons decided to light a candle first….and then set a folder on fire because…….. Well, I don't know why!


Now, if you'll EXUSE me, I think I'll pour myself a glass of wine! Cheers to a good Sunday



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