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GARAGE SALING just makes me happy! Despite being adopted, all of my children have gotten this garage saling gene from me! Every time they see a garage sale sign, they get wound up and giddy, and often times they save their birthday money just for garage sale season!

As much as we all love garage saling, Renee hates it! But usually about once a year, I can get her to tag along. This past weekend was that one time, and as an added bonus….. She let us spend HER dollars!!

I've lectured my kids since they were young about what was a good deal, and what was a rip off! I've gotten them through many a tear, when I don't let them purchase something, to help them learn these hard lessons in life. I would want them to repeat “We NEVER pay high dollar at a garage sale…Never”!

On this particular day, my youngest daughter found a real prize, that she couldn't live without! It was beyond what I would call a designer hat :). She assured me she was getting the hat, and wore it throughout the rest of her garage sale browsing. Despite my telling her several times, that I was not paying $10 for that hat, she carried on, determined that it was hers. Before leaving, and after listening to her continued pleads for that stupid hat, I finally handed her a bill and said that I would pay no more than $5 for it….. Which was highway robbery still!

You can imagine the pride I felt, when from a distance I heard my little sweet cherub say “Ma'am, would you take five dollars for this hat”?, as she handed the lady the five! The lady reluctantly said yes, as she went into the histrionics of how much the hat was worth, since she had made it herself. But…How could she say no to this cherub smiling up at her, with her front two teeth missing? Well, she couldn't! Chloe had gotten her hat, and I realized I was sitting on a gold mine (chloe herself) for good deals.

She wasn't the only one to find a deal on this day though.I found two laundry baskets, one son found a clock, the other a toolbox, and my oldest daughter found a chair for a dollhouse.

Even Renee found something…. Some sort of saw that I know nothing about! She also narrowly missed the opportunity to buy a real nice tuxedo, if it had only been in her size, and fitted :)! She has been searching high and low for one, ever since my dad gave her the option of being a brides maid or a groomsman, in their renewal of vows wedding ceremony, a few years back! Apparently he believed that being a lesbian equaled wearing a tuxedo, and I'm a little disturbed that he didnt give ME that same option. I tease him about this often, but really I'm so glad he has been supportive…. And maybe more supportive than necessary, when it comes to offering the opportunity for a woman to dress as a man in your wedding party, in the front of the church;)!

Anyway, we were hoping to purchase the suit, for the wedding reception we had that very same night for my aunt…..but as things go, it didnt work out!!! Thank goodness:)!

I'm not sure why I love garage sales so much, or why the kids do for that matter. When I was younger, my mom took my siblings and I garage saling all the time, for school clothes and such. We were always mortified that we would run into one of our school friends, and then be embarrased when my mom would hold up their clothes and say “this is cute isn't it”! So usually we'd spend our time hiding behind clothing racks, and quietly beg for my mom to let us leave. As an adult, I have often reminded my mother of the times she would yell out.. “Come here Tia.! See if you can find any decent underwear in the free box”!

I do tend to exaggerate, but this does seem like something she would say, just to mortifying me even more in front of my friends:). We all hated garage sales!

Now that I'm older, I've had a change of heart. I actually hope I run into someone I know, so I can get a better deal. So far, my kids have no qualms about running into their friends either. Maybe they're to young to know the difference still, or maybe I'm just lucky! I sure hope this is something that will still be cool when garage sale shopping as teenagers, for new school shoes, clothes, backpacks, etc…. But something inside me tells me things are about to change :)!





  1. That hat would look amazing with my Oscar de la renta red evening gown !!
    I enjoy a good garage sale from time to time…..I found a really nice bakers rack that I now use as a coffee and tea station in my kitchen!!

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