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It’s Time To Exercise…….Again!

I assured myself that today was the day I was going to restart my workout regime! I say this sometimes, but it usually just leads to me working out one day… And then again, a week or two later. My classic “summer” routine!

Eventually though, I can't stand to look at my increase in circumference for another minute, and become serious about getting back to it. This was the day. The kids are back in school, its a Monday, and there is no time like the present. Plus, if I were to wait much longer, I will end up destroying my closet, dresser drawers, and Renee's eardrums, in the process of getting myself back into shape!

I always drag my feet so much on these days. First, I don't want to get up, knowing what is in store. Then, I procrastinate, suddenly needing to clean things that I haven't been worried about in months! Finally I beat myself up enough about it, that I agree with my own self, long enough to do the workout.

Today, I decided to start with the hour long Bob video (Bob Harper, from the biggest Loser). This usually renders me unable to move for about three days, so I'm not sure why I started with it, since I plan to do at least 3 days this week.

Nevertheless, I finished it! I always find that the days I really really really don't want to exercise, are the days I always feel the best…..after talking myself into it of course! Plus, I always seem to have more energy on that day…. Maybe because I feel proud of myself for meeting a goal, or maybe because I'm just excited that I didn't die on the first day!….It's neither here nor there!

So, after doing my exercise, I cleaned my house, I pulled weeds, I mowed my back yard, I watered my plants, I put 4 bags of mulch out (that have been sitting there since May), I trimmed bushes, I wound my vines around my fence, I picked the kids up from school, I picked Hannah up from cross country, made dinner, cleaned up and ran a load of dishes, I read with my daughter, paid the bills, returned the movies, filled out papers for the kids school, showered, put a load of laundry away, and still managed to lay in the sun, doing nothing for 1 hour……WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!!:)

Honestly, if I tried to get all these chores done over the first part of summer, when I only laid dormant by the pool, it would have probably taken me three weeks at best!

Maybe it was my mentality that got me in this energetic mode today, or maybe it was because I knew subconsciously that I would be unable to do any chores for the next several days, due to my strenuous workout, and already aching back and legs…. BUT…. either way, I'll take it!!




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