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A Night Out at the AMERICAN LEGION

The AMERICAN LEGION is a social and mutual aid organization. The members are all veterans or current military personnel of the United States forces.

This being said, you may be surprised to learn that I was invited to go to a wedding reception at the AMERICAN LEGION, just this past weekend, to celebrate my aunt and her new husbands love. I know I was surprised!

I wasn't just surprised that my aunt would invite me, but I didn't even know I could get into a place like this, and I still wasn't sure I wouldn't get kicked out at the door (notice the sign says SONS of the AMERICAN LEGION!).

I knew one thing anyway, I wasn't gonna miss it for the world, even if I had to watch it from outside the window. I was excited as I was getting ready, pretending that ALOT of people were going to ask me where I was going on this particular night. In the mirror to myself, I'd say “Im going dancing at the American Legion tonight”, then “Oh, I'm hangin out at the Legion”, and then “We've got a big party to go to at the legion tonight”. I was hoping people would be green with envy. Two people asked me where I was going, and one was the babysitter, but I was prepared if there were more!

Upon arriving, the new couple was giving their “love for one another speech”, plus giving us a list of rules we had to follow while being guests at the legion (I knew there was a catch!). Really, I was so happy for them. I was so glad that the two of them were able to find happiness again. It was beautiful to watch them both shed tears while looking at one another. They cried together, with overwhelming feelings of gratefulness and for the love they had for each other….. and for the loves they had lost in the past. For a moment, I could picture the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and love and loss, that they may have experienced in their journey so far. It was very encouraging and endearing:).

SIDE NOTE: I had started to wonder if this true love match was ever going to happen for my aunt again. She was not unlike my own mother. One would think a person would eventually run out of chances to get it right!…..

Obviously, I'm kidding….. And I'm glad both my mother, and my aunt have found their true loves. 🙂

After hearing their beautiful speech, I was trying to digest the fact that there were areas in this facility, that we were not allowed in, since we were not members! We really were not allowed to go past the room we were in, or the threshold of our designated bathroom. I was starting to understand a little what Rosa Parks felt like. We were not allowed to chat it up with the locals in the bar, although we could see through the glass window to where they were.

When you're told you can't enter a certain area, it just makes you want to go there more! I admit, I may have used the bathroom more times than necessary, so I could linger in the doorway of the bathroom, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was going on in there, and hoping someone had dropped a military hat, so I could sneak in! I wondered if they were all wearing matching jackets, like the Shriners! But since I didn't know what happened to people who violate the legion rules, I didn't press my luck, and went back to dancing!

I have blisters on my feet from dancing all night! We spent the night making fools of ourselves again….at least our side of the family did! We danced to anything from the chicken dance, locomotion, and electric slide, to the duggy, kid rocks “cowboy” and Grease songs, to Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and many more people that have been dead for decades. There really was something for anyone who has lived in the last hundred years!

By the end, we had all become a great big giant family! I'm not sure if all of our personalities just clicked, or it was the free beer kicking in, but it was fabulous!

I read up on how to become a member for future invites, and it seems fairly simple. You only have to be in combat for ONE single day! Surely I could do it one day, just to get my AMERICAN LEGION card! Until then, I'm hoping that someone in my new family can find a way to get me behind the scenes. Maybe I could act as a waitress, or just sneak in after hours…. if I agree to wear a ski mask…. and no lipstick?? And…as an added bonus, I would wear a classy tank top that said “I love the AMERICAN LEGION!

…….. But seriously, I wish all the love, excitement, happiness, and adventure to my aunt and my new uncle! I hope your days are filled with mostly ups, and just a handful of downs (just so you can make up)!

In summary: I LOVE MY FAMILY:)!





3 thoughts on “A Night Out at the AMERICAN LEGION

  1. Tia I couldn’t possibly imagine what might be in another room in the back of the liegon office. I can promise you if they did invite you back to look around you would have been disappointed.

    So don’t break out the ski mask unless you find yourself skiing.

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