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Did That Doll Just Say Something?

I admit that I've always been a tiny bit afraid of dolls. I have always been leery of them, ever since watching that movie Poltergeist as a child! Those dolls were freaky….even when I watched it as an adult!

I know it wasn't real, but if a doll is laying out when I enter one of my daughters (or son Harley's) room, a small part of me wonders what will happen to me if I make eye contact with it! I usually turn the doll over on its face, and listen carefully to hear if it says something to me….. They never have spoken to me by the way :)….

The older dolls scare me the most….no wait…..the ceramic ones OR the clown ones…. Well all of them do!!

Anyway… I always make attempts to confront my fears when I can. That doesn't mean that it doesn't still freak my freak out, but I try to be rational about it. I talk myself through what's real and not real. Sometimes it works, but sometimes I still act foolish.

As I walked out to my car on Saturday (in my own driveway), I was looking around diligently for muggers or robbers in my periphery, because it was still dark out when I left for work. I had the pointed part of my car keys facing outward in case I needed to pounce!

I was already a little spooked when I got into the car, so you can imagine my surprise when I got in and saw this doll strapped into the seatbelt, in the passenger seat!! I immediately wanted to throw the doll out of my car, but I knew this was irrational! Plus a small part of me thought it was kind of cute that my daughter put her doll in the seatbelt. After-all, she probably wouldn't be playing with dolls for much longer.

I decided to keep it there, but told myself to never make eye contact with the doll!

The doll has been in that seat for three days now, and we have ridden together in peace. I still can't look her in the eye yet, but I had made progress, and I felt proud of myself.

Tonight, my little, sweet, doll loving daughter rode in the car with me to pick up her sister. After riding in silence for a minute, I finally said “I like this”, while pointing to the doll.

She just said “Oh….yeah”.

I then asked her when she put the doll in my car… which she replied “What doll”?!!!!!!

I swallowed, trying to stay calm……and said “The doll you strapped in the seatbelt”!?

“I didnt put that doll in the seatbelt”…….I took a deep breath…there had to be an explanation! This doll surely didnt walk out here on her own….. And was she cuing me to put in ADELLE?

There was silence, except for my heartbeat for what seemed like an hour, before she finally said “Mama Née (Renee) put her in the seatbelt”.

Relief spilled out of me…along with confusion…

“Why did she do that”?

“Harferdar (our word for duh) Mama!…. To keep her safe”!

………… Naturally! 🙂




18 thoughts on “Did That Doll Just Say Something?

  1. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to read this or not because when I saw the picture of the doll I froze….yes I too didn’t look the doll in her eyes…..crazy I know but I blame it on all those twilight zone, after dark movies….you are much braver than me, that doll would have been taken out the first day!

    • LOL! Seriously, why are dolls this scary? We’ve got t work as a team of mothers to deplete these fears…. We need a petition for something, but what? 🙂

      • I’m just glad my girls are all grown up and that I have nephews instead of nieces…..but let me tell you when I stayed the weekend at my best friends house she was so kind to let me have her daughters room…… I was ready to climb into bed, I noticed one of those all american dolls sitting on her shelf….”OHHH HELL NO!!” I yelled for her daughter to come and get it.

        it didn’t help any that earlier that week I was watching an episode of the Dead Files and it talked about how this one house was haunted……the spirits actually took possession of the dolls inside this ladies home……this lady was doll obsessed!! she was crazy doll lady instead of crazy cat lady!!

    • Like stuffed animals? You’re right, those aren’t scary……maybe I should have the kids trade me each of their dolls for a new shiny stuffed animal! I have a feeling they wouldn’t go for it, but I could give it a try:)… Thanks for reading!

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