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I was singing this song by Stevie Wonder, on my way home from work the other day. I was really feeling the beat and moving my head back and forth, much like he used to do. At some point I went into a trance, as I often do about midway through my trip home, and I starting really thinking about this song and all it entails.

No one really does this anymore….just calls to say they love you. We are too wrapped up in our busy lives for that! Texting is much easier…plus we can dodge those certain people who tend to be a little lengthy in their conversations.

In fact, aside from calling, I don't think people say I love you often anymore at all….except to maybe a spouse and/or young children!

I grew up in a family that was very loving and very touchy (but not in a strange way:)). We hug everybody, never taking into account that they may be uncomfortable with it. If we meet a stranger for the first time, its a handshake on the way in, and generally a hug on the way out. Sometimes however, I get a little rough with my hugs, and have been told to only hug people while my feet are on the ground! It only took me breaking one persons wrist to realize that they may be onto something, and my hugs have become much more gentle 🙂

My parents never went without telling us that they loved us, whether there was drama happening at the time or not. I have always felt grateful to grow up in a loving family, and felt happy to express how I feel in return, and have no qualms about saying the words I LOVE YOU!

As an adult, I love people in the same way I did as a kid. Actually, I think most people do, but with age, our expressions of these feelings diminish. Telling someone you love them is almost a faux pas! We start to question ourselves…. “What if they took that the wrong way?”… “I certainly wasn't coming on to them!”….”Oh great, now they are going to think I'm weird!”.

While I am sure I have been called weird, for various reasons, I have always tried to make a point of saying I LOVE YOU, to all the people that I do in fact love!!! As I have taken my journey in life, I have been blessed to have so many people cross my path. People that I have loved from the beginning, and people who I have grown to love. As life has moved on, I have lost track of many of the people I have loved, because our lives have taken us on separate paths…..But not one of these people was less important than the other.

While all of these people had different roles in my life, each one of these people has cared, nurtured, amused, loved, laughed, cried, hugged, and helped shape me into the person I am. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to have had all these people placed in my life, and I always want these people to know that! So….I say I LOVE YOU! Sometimes….maybe more than necessary….but I say it with a sincere heart!

I woke up today feeling lucky for all that I have! My entire summer has been filled with friends from my past, friends from my present, and of course…..with my family who I adore!

Why do I feel like expressing myself today?? I don't know! (I hope it's not a precursor to my impending death)! :)…

… But whatever the reason… I just want to say I LOVE YOU to all of those that have played a part in my life thus far, and to those who are still destined to cross my path one day;)

Now it's your turn….Tell someone you love them today!

Lets be weird together 🙂



  1. I’m really grateful I got to say “I love you” to my father-in-law before he died. I’m not sure I’d ever said it to him in the nearly 2 decades I knew him. I’m glad it wasn’t too late, even though I’m sure he already knew.

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