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Trying To Remain Positive When the World Is Testing Me

I went downtown to run on the canal yesterday, which I rarely do anymore, because I'm too lazy to drive the 20 minutes it takes to get there, plus park….and pay!

I used to go down there more frequently to run with my good running buddy, but as good friends do, she got a real job where she had to start working 5 days a week! 🙂 I just don't have the motivation to go there.

However, I often get bored when I run around my own neighborhood, and I don't feel inspired.

Every time I go downtown to run, I feel great about it! I got a good 5 miles in yesterday, which is more than I've done since May, when I ran the half marathons!

I think it's encouraging to be surrounded by like minded people, who can appreciate what you're dong. I don't mean the ones that are eating oversized hoagies along the canal wall, or the ones who are chain smoking cigarettes, as you run by……but the other runners, walkers, or bikers along the path.

Just when you feel like quitting, or walking, inevitably someone will give you a nod or wave as they pass by, and you are once again encouraged to go further!

Plus, what happens if you pass them again on the other side, and you look like a quitter?? It simply gives you more motivation to have people around you… I wish I did this more often! I felt great!

All of these positive feelings were just a continuation of what I was feeling earlier that day…when I wrote my whole blog about loving one another! I was just having a very positively emotional day… Feeling euphoric all day long!!

That is, until I made my way home! As I was heading home from the grocery, I got less than wonderful news from my mom (Patty). I was starting to feel a little stress, but letting it roll off my back. I was still talking to her when I got home, and was unloading groceries as I talked.

I didn't have enough hands to do all of this AND close the gate…so I didn't!

Naturally, the dogs got out! These dogs leave every single time they get a chance!! I really do dislike them more every day! Mainly because I don't like spending my afternoon looking for them! I took a good 6-8 laps around our neighborhood with no sight of them. Now I was mad as an old wet hen!

I made the decision NOT to look for them any longer! If they wanted water or food, they would find their way home…..or to another persons home!!! I called Renee at work, and she asked if she could call me back, because she was wiping someone's bum! I said yes, but not before telling her that these ridiculous dogs were out again, and I wasn't sure that they were going to make it home alive!!!!

I took a 20 minute nap!

Then I picked my kids up from school, told them of the detrimental news regarding these beloved dogs, and listened to them as they told me I was a liar!

Unfortunately for me, the dogs made their way home, as I was leaving to pick one of the kids up from practice. One dog was full of burrs, and the other one had mud, goose poop, grass, and rodent guts all over her. She stunk, and neither one of them could walk…cause they're 100 years old, and should never have gone on this journey!!! I put them in the back yard and left!

They stayed outside all evening, until Renee got home, though they did have food and water (I'm not that horrible!). As we were eating dinner at the patio table, in the back yard, the kids were complaining about the dogs' smell. I told them to get over it, right as one of the dogs projectile vomited all over the seat legs of our chairs!

Naturally, one of my sons started dry heaving, and the kids were all freaking out……

We simply covered it with a towel and continued dining.

In a nutshell, this is how all of my great days turn out!

I didn't change my mind about loving all the same people I mentioned in the previous “love post”, but my attitude sure had changed!

All in a days work I guess!





6 thoughts on “Trying To Remain Positive When the World Is Testing Me

  1. I think a)this is very amusing, sorry to enjoy your kinda miserable time 2)those hoagie eaters hate you but wish they were you and d)this could be a 1/2 hour sitcom script

    Thanks, and nice job on your run!

    • LOL! I could probably do a season of sitcoms out of this house! Thank you for your added points….did you know you gave me point A…..point 2…..and point D??….. :). thanks for reading…. And for noticing my good run!

  2. I’m sorry you had a crappy day. You reminded me why I don’t want pets I keep thinking a dog would be nice to run with. Bad thought.

    I agree with you about how nice it can be to run where other like-minded folks are doing the same thing. It makes me feel like a real runner.

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