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The SUPER SWEET Blogging Award: My Third Nomination:)

I'm shedding a few tears, while preparing to write an acceptance speech for my 3rd award…..THE SUPER SWEET BLOGGING AWARD! I feel happy, elated, exited, joyful, and incredibly thankful of the nomination. A super sweet fellow blogger mom who writes THINGS MY DAUGHTERS TOLD ME, gave me this prestigious award, so to her I say a GIANT thank you. If you haven't checked her blog out….you can find it here. It will be worth your trip to visit!

Here are the rules:

1: Thank the super sweet blogger who nominated you

2: Nominate a bakers dozen of super sweet bloggers who are deserving

3: Notify the bloggers that you nominated them

4: Answer the 5 super sweet questions

5: Smile!


And the answers to the questions:

COOKIES OR CAKE? I would probably choose cookies, but only if they were chocolate chip and moist and chewy! Otherwise, I'd pick cake, but with little icing!

CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? DEFINATELY chocolate! Especially if its ice cream….or chocolate πŸ™‚

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SWEET TREAT? Probably cheesecake….but just the plain old cheesecake, without all the fancy flavoring.

WHEN DO YOU CRAVE SWEETS MOST? I crave them most when there is a large table filled with them in one area…. Pitch ins, family reunions, holidays!

IF YOU HAD A SWEET NICKNAME, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Just plain old sweet pea! It's simple, classy….and anyone could say it πŸ™‚

Now I will give you a list of blogs that I think are super sweet….though I may not make it to a bakers dozen!

Happy Browsing πŸ™‚

I'm going slightly mad

Mums the word

Contrary mom

MΓΆbius strip

Luminous blue

Life is messy;buy a mop

Life is funny (even when it's not)

Normal is the new boring



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